Giza Necropolis

The Pyramids of Giza will always be a source of wonder and bafflement, and because of that, it’s one of the most mysterious places on our list. The pyramids have been shrouded in questions ever since the day that they were discovered, and a plethora of unsolved mysteries exist about the inside of the pyramid (an unsolved mystery inside of an unsolved mystery? Give it to me!) For centuries, people have wondered about, explored, and studied how the pyramids were built with such limited materials and without the use of modern technology. Let’s not forget the pyramids date back 4,000 years, so how something so durable, huge, strong, and precise could have been built has us thinking a bit fat “huh?” Did slaves build it? Did aliens do it? Were the ancient Egyptians as advanced as we are today, but everything was wiped out? No one knows.
But that’s not where it stops. I’ll hit you with a few more Giza mysteries!

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