Trevi Fountain

Threw my coin in going back one day

Drinking a glass of water from the Fontana di Trevi was originally thought to lead to fortune and a fast return to Rome, but the legend has evolved to tossing a coin for a speedy return to the Eternal City.

This fountain is even more beautiful in person than it is on pictures. As with most monuments in Rome, there are lots of people around it so it may be difficult to get the best picture but people come and go throughout the day so if you are patient, you will get a great photo.

Possibly the most photographed fountain in the world and one of Rome’s number one attractions. It’s a romantic spot and tailor made for the perfect photo with your loved one. Don’t forget to throw a coin into the fountain, legend has it that once you throw a coin in you will return to this magical city. Over $4000 is cast into the fountain each day which all goes to charity.

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