15 Best Instagrammable spots in Rome

Johnny Ward

I was trying to think of a more Instagrammable city than Rome and I came to the conclusion that it’s impossible. The food, the history and the architecture all combine to make sure you’ll have tons of snaps for the ‘gram’ after a trip to Rome.

Piazza San Pietro, Doria Pamphili Gallery, Trastevere, Via Margutta, Castel Sant'Angelo, Aroma, Campo de' Fiori, The Vatican dome, Trevi Fountain, Giardino degli Aranci, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Fori Romani, Spanish Steps, Colosseum

  • Piazza San Pietro in Vatican City, Vatican City

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      I’ve saved one of the best till last, St Peter’s Square is a photo opportunity no visitor to Rome can miss. Make sure you’ve had a coffee before you arrive because there are plenty of spots for you to take photos from; The Piazza, The Basilica’s Interior and The Dome. The dome ids the best spot but you’ll have to work for one of the most instagrammable photos in Rome. You’ll have to climb up to the top of St Peter’s Basilica, navigating up the tight staircase will be a distant memory when you look out over the piazza.

  • Doria Pamphili Gallery, Italy

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      A short walk from the Colosseum, the main draw here is the Galleria Doria Pamphilj. This art gallery is very rarely full of people which gives us the perfect opportunity to get that perfect instagram photo. It’s a beautiful space which is possibly the most photogenic in the city. You really feel like you’ve escaped the city when you head inside and with the lack you’ll have the place to yourself.

  • Trastevere, Italy

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      It wouldn’t surprise me if this neighbourhood is regularly used by some of Italy’s famous fashion houses for photoshoots, it looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. It’s similar to Via Margutta but definitely a step up in Instagram rankings. It’s lined with quaint restaurants and bars located in beautiful old buildings. When you’re done with taking hundreds of photos then tuck into some tasty local food or a drink in a trendy bar.

  • Via Margutta, Italy

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      This street is ready made for a photo shoot. People like to head here because it is so conveniently located in the middle of Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps. You don’t have to hunt for a good picture here because the cobbled streets and hanging ivy seem to look good at every angle.

  • Castel Sant'Angelo, Italy

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      This iconic mausoleum is one most will recognise because it's one of the most photographed places in the city. It’s so large you can take photos of it from any number of different locations; banks of the Tiber, Ponte Sant’Angelo and Ponte are three of the best.

  • Aroma, Italy

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      There are plenty of bars and restaurants with stunning views in Rome, none more so than Aroma. It’s floor to ceiling windows allow you to look over the road at the colosseum in its glory. Eating Michelin starred food and taking great photos sounds good to me. Make sure you’ve got plenty of cash because a table with a view like this doesn’t come cheap - worth every penny and your instagrammable pics will be proof of that.

  • Campo de' Fiori, Italy

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      This neighbourhood is a great place to find lots of photo ops. The translation of its name is field of flowers, that gives an insight into how picturesque the area is. The cobbled streets and food market offer the perfect backdrop for your instagrammable pics. It’s a cool area too, so take the time to grab a drink and watch the world go by.

  • The Vatican dome, Italy

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      When you go to the Vatican you’ll be overwhelmed by how busy it is, especially if the pope is saying prayers. If you go there early morning when the sun is rising you will pretty much have the place to yourself and get that once in a lifetime photo. Do join a tour to get a proper look at this holy city, your tour guide will also point out some hidden places to get the best pictures.

  • Trevi Fountain, Italy

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      Possibly the most photographed fountain in the world and one of Rome’s number one attractions. It’s a romantic spot and tailor made for the perfect photo with your loved one. Don’t forget to throw a coin into the fountain, legend has it that once you throw a coin in you will return to this magical city. Over $4000 is cast into the fountain each day which all goes to charity.

  • Giardino degli Aranci, Italy

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      Known as Giardino degli Aranci by the locals, this garden lined with Orange trees seems like it was created for your Instagram profile. Not only can you take great pictures of the garden but you also get some quality views of the city skyline.

  • Piazza Navona, Italy

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      This square is popular for Instagram photos because it has 3 stunning fountains surrounded by beautiful buildings all of which have brightly coloured flowers hanging from the balconies. I recommend going there super early to get a photo of just you and the fountains because it fills up quickly.

  • Pantheon, Italy

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      The Pantheon is beautiful both inside and out. The best shot here is if you take a snap of the pantheon with the fountain in the frame - you can’t miss it because there’ll be plenty of others with the same idea. Once you’ve finished taking your pics make sure you head inside to learn about the history.

  • Fori Romani, Italy

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      On your stroll towards the colosseum you’ll have the roman forums on either side of you. During the Roman Empire this area was used for public squares. It’s impossible not to be mesmerised, you’ll walk through the area more than once for sure.

  • Spanish Steps, Italy

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      The Spanish Steps are beautiful at whatever angle you look at them. They’re probably the most famous set of steps on the planet and one that need to be on your instagram. At the top of the steps you’ll get a great shot of the Trinita dei Monti church.

  • Colosseum, Italy

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      Did you actually go to Rome if you don’t get a picture in front of the colosseum? It’s a jaw dropping structure and there are so many opportunities for great photos in the world’s largest amphitheater.