A Day in Rome

Louliana Voelker

My trip to Rome was amazing. I remember having so many things that I wanted to do and see. From the best food, to the most beautiful monuments, these are tips for the perfect day in Rome.

Campidoglio, Trevi Fountain, Trastevere, Ponte Sisto, Colosseum, Vatican City

  • Campidoglio, Italy

    Image of Campidoglio on Seeker
    • loulianavoelker

      The Capitole is a really beautiful building and has an amazing view of Rome from the top. I went in the night, and I strongly recommend it because the way it was the Capitole and the lights from the city was beautiful.

  • Trevi Fountain, Italy

    Image of Trevi Fountain on Seeker
    • loulianavoelker

      This fountain is even more beautiful in person than it is on pictures. As with most monuments in Rome, there are lots of people around it so it may be difficult to get the best picture but people come and go throughout the day so if you are patient, you will get a great photo.

  • Trastevere, Italy

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    • loulianavoelker

      Trastevere has the best restaurants and is very lively at night. I stayed in an airbnb here and could hear joyful Italian singing at 4 in the morning. Like many areas in Rome, it is also a nice place to walk around and roam the streets.

  • Ponte Sisto, Italy

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    • loulianavoelker

      This is beautiful to walk across and the best for taking sunset pictures. You can also walk along the river or bike because they have bike lanes as well.

  • Colosseum, Italy

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    • loulianavoelker

      The Colosseum is a very impressive monument. They have tours so you can learn about the history and even visit inside. But even if you don't do the tour, seeing it from the outside remains an amazing experience.

  • Vatican City

    Image of Vatican City on Seeker
    • loulianavoelker

      The Vatican is a must visit. I personally took the tour to go all the way to the top of the Vatican. The view of Rome from all the way up there makes the long way up so worth it. However, you have to go very early in the morning because there are always huge crowds of people.