Best Chicago Coffee Shops to Work From

Jennifer Zollo

I try them all so you don’t have to! If they’ve made this list then you know they have great coffee, reliable wifi, and an aesthetic that will help fuel your creativity.

New Wave Coffee, Pilot Project Brewing, Oromo Cafe Bucktown, Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, Portage Grounds, Map Room, Bourgeois Pig Cafe

  • New Wave Coffee in Chicago, United States

    Image of New Wave Coffee on Seeker
    • vagariouswanderer

      New Wave Coffee is PERFECT for anyone looking to hunker down and get some work done. The coffee is incredible (at the time of this posting, July 2022, their summer specialty latte is rose lavender and it's probably the best lavender based latte I've ever had). Music is your classic coffee shop lo-fi, but it's played at a reasonable volume so your headphones can easily block it out if it's not your jam. There are TONS of tables and outlets, and free high speed wifi. The only thing I would say is that if you're planning on working for an extended period of time, opt for the picnic table or the bar because the tables are a bit too low for the chairs and keep you hunched over like a mad scientist.

  • Pilot Project Brewing in Chicago, United States

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    • vagariouswanderer

      While this is TECHNICALLY a brewery, they also serve really great coffee. The wifi is crazy fast and even extends out into their extensive patio, which I feel like is unheard of. If you're looking for a snack, I would recommend their nachos.

  • Oromo Cafe Bucktown in Chicago, United States

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    • vagariouswanderer

      Absolutely INCREDIBLE Turkish coffee and strong wifi. The only thing with this coffee shop is that it's right near the El so it can be pretty loud and a tad chaotic. If you need peace and quiet this maybe isn't the best option.

  • Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea in Chicago, United States

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    • vagariouswanderer

      Fairgrounds has locations all over the city, but every single one has a really beautiful aesthetic conducive to getting some creative work done.

  • Portage Grounds in Chicago, United States

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    • vagariouswanderer

      A sweet little coffee shop with seasonal specialties. Wifi, lots of light, outdoor seating, and directly across the street from a beautiful park if you'd rather have yourself a little working picnic.

  • Map Room in Chicago, United States

    Image of Map Room on Seeker
    • vagariouswanderer

      Okay, okay…Map Room is technically a bar, but they serve coffee all day starting at 11am. The place is filled with globes, flags, and old Nat Geos making it perfect for wanderlusters.

  • Bourgeois Pig Cafe in Chicago, United States

    Image of Bourgeois Pig Cafe on Seeker
    • vagariouswanderer

      I’m been sipping on mocha biancas and crafting all my evil plans at The Pig for over 6 years now. Not only is it my favorite coffee shop in Chicago, but so far it’s still my favorite one in the world.