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Capital city of Alaska, located in the Southeast region, known for Mendenhall Glacier and rich in Gold Rush history.

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If you prefer grand scenery to stately architecture, Juneau, Alaska is the place to go for the best winter vacations. For dog lovers and adventurers alike, dog sledding is the activity of choice. Not only do you get to play with adorable pups, but you also get to go on a fast-paced adventure through epic scenery. Burst through snow covered forests and take in the silhouette of the nearby mountains as the dogs expertly guide you through their home. And then wish that humans had fur so you could be as warm as your canine sledding buddies.
Experience the epitome of the word ‘jaw-dropping’ with Alaskan glaciers, glacial lakes and caves. The Mendenhall Glacier is the most famous, and it’s absolutely worth the trip. With well-kept trails, you can travel around the glacial lake, soak in the fresh icy air, and make friends with the wildlife along the way. Make sure that you leave the food at home: bears are nice to look at from afar, but not so nice when they want to eat your lunch.

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