Greenland Qaasuitsup Municipality Ilulissat

Albatros Arctic Circle Ilulissat

A hotel in Greenland offering views of icebergs and proximity to the UNESCO-listed Ilulissat Icefjord in the town known for sled dogs.
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Apparently, some people’s idea of a stellar Northern Lights vacation is not indulging in some magnificent sightseeing whilst holding a camera in one hand a cup of steaming hot gluhwein in the other. Who knew?! For the active traveler and the intrepid explorer, the adventurer who loves adrenalin-pumping action and the one with ants in their pants: a thrilling dog-sledding expedition combines the magnificent experiences of ice, dogs and Northern Lights, a winning combination that’s hard to resist. Dog-sledding tours are offered in various locations, including Finland, Sweden and the US yet in Greenland you can score a once-in-a-lifetime experience led by traditional Inuit hunters. Because if you’re going for epic you may as well go for a home run. Husky-led tours aren’t for the faint of heart, mind you, and you’ll need some considerable stamina and fitness, even though the dogs will be doing all the running around. Sound like you? Then check out Albatross Arctic Circle tours, which offer options from 2-hour intro tours to kickass, 3-day long expeditions. Fancy yourself a bit of a cruiser? Then the best way for you to see the Northern Lights is, without a doubt, aboard a fancy-pants expedition ship cruising the frigid Arctic waters in winter. No matter whence you hail, you’ll find a departure port nearby, be it in Norway, Iceland or Greenland. For this stellar option, my money’s on the wonderful island of Spitzbergen on the remote Svalbard archipelago, a slither of ice-covered gorgeousness that separates Norway from the North Pole. Administered by the former but eliciting dreams of the latter, Spitzbergen is polar bear central and Northern Lights capital, where winters are ruthless but unforgettable. Expedition cruises depart here all year long, with the winter schedule aimed at soaking up the lights which can actually be visible by lunchtime. Your options for cruising below the Northern Light are seriously limitless so check out this brilliant article on the Best Northern Lights Cruises for drool worthy inspiration. Most people erroneously believe that, as long as one travels far enough north for a few days in winter, one is guaranteed to see Northern Lights, but that’s simply not true. Here a few tidbits you ought to keep in mind when planning the best way to see the Northern Lights.

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