Best States/Cities For BBQ

Bryana Dunn

The month of May is National Barbecue Month! I love some good smokin’ finger lickin Barbeque-but what states/cities are known for it? Here is my list of what states/cities I think have the best BBQ! Is it obvious? Any unexpected? Did I miss any? Let’s Dive In!

Pappy's Smokehouse, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas

  • Pappy's Smokehouse in St. Louis, United States

    Image of Pappy's Smokehouse on Seeker
    • travelwelldunn

      Right in Midtown St. Louis, MO it’s no secret that this place is one of the best Rib joints in the US. It lives up to the hype and yes it is worth the wait.

  • North Carolina, United States

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    • travelwelldunn

      Just like South Carolina North Carolina has their own trail for finding the best BBQ places in their city. I think that NC gets overlooked because it’s not expected to have good BBQ but most people don’t know this state has thousands of places of Barbecue joints to try and the best part you decide if you love a vinegar tangy based barbecue or a more ketchup based sauce.

  • South Carolina, United States

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    • travelwelldunn

      Hailed as the birthplace of barbecue with a bbq trail map that gives you insight of all the best bbq spots in the state- you can’t deny South Carolina! It’s the sauces for me— It really can make or break your Barbecue.

  • Tennessee, United States

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    • travelwelldunn

      Yes indeed for barbecue in Tennessee! Memphis, TN to be exact— it’s no secret if you’re looking for true American BBQ that this is the city/state to come too!

  • Georgia, United States

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    • travelwelldunn

      I know Georgia has some gems when it comes to Barbecue! Everything slow cooked to perfection with a side of sweet tea!

  • Florida, United States

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    • travelwelldunn

      Florida might not seem all there, I can say it I live here! But our southern style cooking is one to match when it comes to some barbecue, plus our weather allows for some good time outdoor Bar-B Q’s!

  • Texas, United States

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    • travelwelldunn

      Texas is a different type of Barbecue, has a southwest flair and while I will agree to disagree with anyone who says it’s the best, it does deserve a spot for one of the best states to get barbecue. Things are just done different in Texas!