Best places to eat like a local in Prague

Jeremy Foster

Prague might not be the first place that comes to mind as a foodie destination in Europe, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much the Czech Republic capital has to offer. Some of my best encounters happened over a plate of smoked meat while chatting up some Czech locals at a beer hall, or accidentally stumbling upon a healthy food market serving up the freshest, tastiest salads I’ve ever had. This list has everything you’ll need to eat and drink like a local, whether it’s artisanal sandwiches, cheap and delicious beers, tasty pastries, or traditional Czech fare. There’s no excuse to have a bad meal in Prague!

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  • Zahradní restaurace Letenský zámeček, Czech Republic

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      The food is nothing special here (although the sausages are cheap and yummy), but you can’t beat the view. Grab a picnic table and a beer, sit under the shade of a tree, and take in the sweeping views over Prague.

  • Lokál U Bílé kuželky, Czech Republic

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      If you want to sample some hardy Czech dishes, visit Lokál and try the goulash and dumplings. All of the smoked meats here come from the restaurant’s very own butcher shop.

  • Trdelnik, Czech Republic

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      Trdelník is a traditional type of chimney cake with a light crispy cinnamon-sugar pastry on the outside and a soft cinnamon-sugar and nut mixture in the center. You’ll find them at stands all over the city, including on the road up to the castle.

  • Country Life Restaurant, Czech Republic

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      Looking for all-vegan foods? This is Prague’s first-ever vegan shop, now turned into a self-service cafeteria and sandwich bar with tasty goulash, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, sunflower seed burgers, and more.

  • Restaurant Mlýnec, Czech Republic

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      Restaurant Mlýnec is the most popular contemporary restaurant in Prague, with high-end dishes, fancy cocktails, live jazz music, and a view over the Charles Bridge.

  • U Fleků, Czech Republic

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      U Fleků is the oldest beer hall in Prague, where you’ll bump shoulders with the locals over liters of beers while eating traditional foods (like heaping plates of meat).

  • La Degustation, Czech Republic

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      A high-end Michelin-starred restaurant, this place has a strong focus on foraged foods and local game. You should definitely splurge on the set menu with wine pairing.

  • V Kolkovně, Czech Republic

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      You can’t pass up a visit to this small brewery in the Jewish Quarter which also offers Czech food. The roast duck is a must-try!

  • Café Louvre, Czech Republic

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      This is the oldest cafe in Prague, where you can try svíčková na smetaně, which is a traditional dish of beef sirloin served with a cream sauce, traditional bread dumplings, and cranberries.

  • Restaurant Zvonice, Czech Republic

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      Order a piping hot bowl of classic sauerkraut soup at this restaurant inside the Gothic bell tower of the belfry, right in the middle of the Old Town.

  • Mozaika Burger & Co., Czech Republic

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      The classic Mozaika burger is the go-to, topped with blue cheese, onion marmalade, and bacon mayo -- but my personal favorite is the pesto chicken burger.

  • Naše maso

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      Nase Maso means “our meat” - so as you might have guessed, this butchery is where you come for the finest aged-and-dried cuts. The sausages are always a sure bet.

  • Sisters Bistro v Dlouhé, Czech Republic

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      Open-faced sandwiches with inventive pairings are served here, including fresh bread topped with pickled herring with radish, mayo, and wasabi.

  • Perníčkův sen

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      This adorable sweets stop even looks like a gingerbread house from the outside. Gingerbread is a popular treat in the Czech Republic, so come here for cookies, cakes, and other sweet bites.

  • Farmers' Saturday market

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      Located right on the river, every Saturday morning you can browse for treats like fresh bread, homemade granola, and local fruits.