Travel Bucket List

Josh Wicks

Yes, this is my geographic Bucket List! Some of these places are on the list because they align with my interests, while other places are on the list because I've felt a calling to go there and figure out why. #seekerchallenge

Majorca, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, New York, Baffin Island, New Orleans, Bhutan, Drakensberg, Maldives

  • Majorca, Spain

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  • Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      St. Jean Pied-du-Port is the traditional starting point of the legendary EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO. If you love hiking and culture as much as I do then you're probably aware of this route. It's more than a nature walk that's for sure. El Camino de Santiago is a sacred path of pilgrimage that can take at least 30 days to walk. The route has many different starting points and ranges in distances anywhere from 161 miles (260km) to 621 miles (1000km), ending in northwestern Spain at the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Why it's on my Bucket List: As a Seeker of authentic culture and spiritual growth, this epic walking trail calls out to me. I'm confident I would have learned about it eventually if I hadn't have seen the 2010 film "The Way" which is about a father who walks the Camino de Santiago in the footsteps of his estranged son who died on the same trail. After watching it I immediately began reading about the route and was blown away by the history of this pilgrimage that dates all the way back to the 9th century. Of all the places on my bucket list, El Camino de Santiago is a definite must-do that I plan to walk with my future kid(s).

  • New York, United States

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      When you hear the word "city" what city comes to mind? NYC all day every day! I'm the kind of traveler that usually stays away from big cities, but if I'm going to spend significant time and money in a city, it's going to be the most formidable of cities. Most of what I know about New York City has come from years of influence from music, movies, and TV. "The city that never sleeps", "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere", "Anything can happen in a New York minute." It's always prided itself as the place to be, and that bold mystique is what draws me to it. Why it's on my Bucket List: As a Canadian, New York City is the iconic symbol of the USA. It's a melting pot of culture and characters from all walks of life. I want to be in the heart of it, rent a bike and explore spontaneously during the day. Reserve the evenings for itinerary-type things on one of Seeker's NYC lists. When I do plan my trip to New York it will be with a big budget set aside for indulgence. I believe this is not a place to shoe-string it.

  • Baffin Island, Canada

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      I doubt there's a large number of people with this seemingly desolate place on their bucket list so allow me to explain. I'm drawn to places like this. I lived in the Northern Territory of Australia, which can also be considered a desolate part of the world. I loved it. There's hidden magic in these less-appealing places. Why it's on my Bucket List: While living in NT Australia I met an Inuk woman from a very Northern Territory of Canada called Baffin Island. Over the course of a month, she shared stories, photos, and music with me all about the lifestyle and culture of the people there and I was captivated. I promised myself I would explore this place and spend some time there working or volunteering. I was so infatuated with this woman from Baffin Island that I nearly bought a ticket there. Instead, we arranged to meet up in New Zealand, but that's a story for another time....

  • New Orleans, United States

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      Famous for its food, music, and parties- this place speaks to my younger self. New Orleans is a city I endeavor to explore with good friends on a generously loose budget. Why it's on my Bucket List: New Orleans has been on my list since before bucket lists were a thing. The appeal used to be about the hedonistic parties, but now it's more about the culture for me. That doesn't mean I'm going there to behave though.

  • Bhutan

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      Also known as "The Kingdom of Happiness", Bhutan is perhaps the most innocent and pure place on earth. Are you familiar with the statistic Gross National Happiness (GNH)? Bhutan puts GNH as their most important metric. Take a closer look and it's easy to see why this place ranks high on many bucket lists. The kingdom is located high in the Himalayas with majestic architecture overlooking beautiful landscapes and there is a limit on daily tourist numbers and spending which keeps everyone honest. Dreamy. Why it's on my Bucket List: Bhutan is clearly a unique destination. What draws me to it is how humble it appears to be. I want to go there with very little in my bag, no plans, and no expectations. I just want to literally be there and absorb the vibe.

  • Drakensberg, South Africa

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      Here comes another Bucket List hike! Unlike most hikes though, you can wander around this wild escarpment that covers over 7.2 million acres of land. Now that's freedom! Why it's on my Bucket List: I once worked with a talented photographer from South Africa who had spent a lot of time exploring the Drakensberg. He told me it was the ultimate place to hike because you could go off the path and roam (with a GPS device in tow). I'm not suggesting that's a good idea, but it's definitely an appealing factor for me. Either way, Drakensberg has a ridiculous amount of hiking trails of various distances and levels of difficulty for us hiking enthusiasts.

  • Maldives

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      Have you ever seen a bad photo of Maldives? I don't think they exist. I know absolutely nothing about the Maldives, but I want to go there based on the photos alone. For me, it conjures up feelings of a dreamy alternate world. Beyond the beautiful waters and luxurious looking hotel bungalows, it's my fascination with this unique place that attracts me to it. And a big part of me doesn't want to do any research about this picturesque Republic, other than reviews on resorts and excursions. I just want to go. Are you for real Maldives? I must meet you. Why it's on my Bucket List: Maldives strikes me as the most "Instagramy" eat-your-heart-out place on earth but it seems like the hype is real. I want to go here before I die so I can compare it to heaven.