Top 5 Breweries in Victoria, BC

Josh Wicks

Artisanal Beer is here! There's a good chance you're coming to Victoria, BC for the micro-breweries alone! I get it. Only problem is, there are almost too many brewpubs to visit. Hence, I give you the Top 5. This list is made without bias. The following breweries have proven themselves through time and quality, to rank amongst the many. They can all be easily reached by bicycle. So have fun, be safe, and enjoy the flavours!

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  • CANOE Brewpub in Victoria, Canada

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      Canoe Brewpub is not as established as the others on this list however, they do have the best location to enjoy their craft brews. In the summertime, you'll find lots of space on their huge outdoor patio area, which has three different levels- all with a stunning view of Victoria's harbor. In the wintertime, Canoe Brewpub offers just as much space inside with three different areas to enjoy drinks and a very agreeable menu. To top it all off, they host a ton of live music from some of the best-known local performers.

  • 4Mile Brewing Company in Victoria, Canada

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      "Our history brews a tale from 1858. From brothel to ghosts, sea captains & rogues. Now Beer" - 4 Mile Brewing Company statement. It's true. The 4 Mile House is said to be the oldest tavern on Vancouver Island. Although they did not start crafting artisanal beer until 2015, they came out of the gate strong with some very experimental yet well-received beers such as a rice-pudding porter and a sweet potato harvest beer. The 4 Mile Brewpub is definitely worth visiting as they have a huge variety of beer to sample and offer "flights" (rack of 5 samples) with great pub grub. If you're into experimental beers, head on over.

  • Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHouses in Victoria, Canada

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      Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub is the best combo of both location and history. They are located in a giant heritage house that's over 132 years old, situated in west Victoria with a picturesque view of the inner harbor. They usually offer around 20 of their own different beers on tap. Can't decide? Go with a flight to sample four that interest you. Had enough beer? Try their house-made cider. Wow!

  • Vancouver Island Brewing in Victoria, Canada

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      Vancouver Island (or VI) Brewing is one of the older breweries on the island. They are kind of like the seasoned veteran that's seen it all. They have a small variety of long time local favorite brews like Pipers Pale Ale. Around 2018 they made some bold changes and began brewing more experimental beers like the Twisted Stalk Blackberry Helles and Magic Hour Grapefruit Gose. Then they opened up a tasting room to showcase the new offerings. It was a hit! Vancouver Island Brewery makes this list of best breweries for its determination to stay relevantly tasty amongst the growing competition.

  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Beer Shop in Victoria, Canada

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      Phillips Brewing & Malting is by far the most popular brewery in Victoria. This is due to its style (and great marketing). You can find their beer all over Vancouver Island. No matter what kind of beer you're into, chances are good they make it and make it well. What helps put Phillips at the top of the heap is their tasting room, which offers sleeves of beer for $4 each and serves delectably simple appies like old-fashioned ballpark pretzels. When's the last time you had one of those? Pro-tip: If you're in Victoria for the month of July, Phillips holds a mini-festival in their back lot. The event is called the Backyard Weekender and it is fuuuuun!