Coolest Barber Shops in Victoria, BC

Josh Wicks

Looking for a groovy place to get your hair cut? Get the latest local word on the street? Feel like you've gone back in time for an old fashioned straight razor shave? Victoria, BC has its share of unique barbershops to provide that fresh feeling we love. Here's a list of the top 7 Coolest Barbershops in the capital city.

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  • Cultured Swine Barbershop in Victoria, Canada

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      My personal favorite barber shop in Victoria. Cultured Swine is a unique storefront barbershop with enough space for one barber, one chair, and you to get your haircut and enjoy the curious people passing by. Taylor, the owner is a talented and easy-to-talk-to barber with a cool, quaint little business that stands out amongst the rest on Johnson Street.

  • Rebellion Barbershop in Victoria, Canada

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      Rebellion Barbershop in Victoria is a hip spot for a haircut at reasonable prices. They also offer great beard trims and buzzes finished with Rebellion beard oil. Walk-ins only.

  • El Patron Barber Shop in Victoria, Canada

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      Habla español? El Patron is a Latin-style barbershop that prides itself on service. "A multi-cultural space in which you will find more than a haircut and a beard trim," explains their website. Come in for the classic blade shave or hot shave. These guys are pros.

  • Cliff's Classic Barber Shop in Victoria, Canada

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      Cliff's Classic Barbershop is exactly that- classic! If you're looking to sit and get your haircut in a nostalgic barbershop, this is it. Very well priced, with the classic straight razor/hot towel shave in a cozy atmosphere. Cliff's even has a classic fireplace to keep you warm on those rainy days.

  • Cook Street Barbershop in Victoria, Canada

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      The oldest barbershop in Victoria, Cook Street Barber has been cutting hair for over 60 years now. But please note, they are not actually located on Cook Street anymore. The new location is on View St. in downtown Victoria. The barbers here are very experienced and love to talk about life and culture.

  • Victory Barber & Brand Victoria in Victoria, Canada

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      Victory Barber is a bit more pricey but it's kind of like flying first class. You're paying for a special experience and you know you'll be looked after here. Victory Barber also has a line of quality hair and beard care products available in the shop. Appointments are recommended.

  • Status Barber Shop in Victoria, Canada

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      For the past 9 years, Victoria's Status Barbershop has been voted by the people of Victoria as the best barbershop in the city. That's saying something. It's no surprise that their prices are a bit higher than the other barbershops, but Status has a diverse team of barbers who can cut any style and keep it consistent every time.