Best Craft Breweries in Vancouver, BC

Josh Wicks

Vancouver, BC is where the craft brewery craze began in Canada. If you like beer, you'll love doing a full-on craft brewery tour of the city. There are too many breweries to count these days, so here's an essential list of the best, most reputable craft breweries that you shouldn't miss.

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  • Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant & Brewpub in Vancouver, Canada

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      Guess where Stanley Park Brewery is located? Yep, right in the middle of some of the best recreational trails and viewpoints in Vancouver. To add to the atmosphere of these beautiful brewing grounds, Stanley Park brewpub is set up in heritage building from the 1930's. It's got two large covered outdoor patios for the sunny days, cozy and bright indoor dining rooms for the rainy days, and of course, a rotating selection of award-winning beers, with new, innovative beers brewed on-site. This place is legit!

  • Steamworks Brewpub in Vancouver, Canada

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      Steamworks Brewing is a one-of-a-kind steam generated brewery. The only one in Canada. It got its name when the brewmasters began experimenting with steam-powered brewing using an old steam heating system that was part of the commercial space they founded the brewery in. Now it's a historic Gastown location with some uniquely delicious beer.

  • Powell Brewery in Vancouver, Canada

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      Powell Brewery is a humble, independent microbrewery owned and operated by a husband & wife team. They came on the exploding craft beer scene in 2012 and quickly made a name for themselves by winning the Beer of the Year award in Canada with their now world-renowned Old Jalopy Pale Ale. Powell Brewery has since continued to produce award-winning beer.

  • 33 Acres Brewing Company in Vancouver, Canada

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      33 Acres Brewing is perhaps the hippest craft brewery in Vancouver. The location is cool, the labels and beer names are cool (33 acres of sunshine, 33 acres of euphoria, 33 acres of life...), and the beer? You should definitely try it.

  • Storm Brewing LTD. in Vancouver, Canada

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      Hailed as "the most authentic brewery in the city." Storm is an unpretentious craft brewery that makes un-filtered, unpasteurized, naturally produced beer with maximum flavor. The brewmaster James Walton has led the craft brew craze in Vancouver since 1994, producing over 400 kinds of beer.

  • Granville Island Brewing in Vancouver, Canada

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      Granville Island Brewing is the commercial big dog in the city. It's definitely worth a fun $12 brewery tour though. Book a tour ahead of time and don't plan on driving home after.

  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company in Vancouver, Canada

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      East Van born and brewed, Parallel 49 is a favorite micro-brewery for many. They always have an extensive selection of fresh releases, rarities, and seasonal beers to sample. Don't worry about drinking on an empty stomach- they've got some great pub grub to accommodate the brews. This place is fun.

  • Red Truck Beer Company in Vancouver, Canada

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      Red Truck Brewing is another big brewery that knows how to entertain. Their brewpub, The Truckstop offers decent food, fun tours and is a great place for live events.