Southwest Stories Seasons 1 & 2 Destinations

Southwest Stories

These are the featured destinations from Southwest Stories, Seasons 1 & 2 (some destinations were featured more than once). Soon, we'll have the list coming for Season 3 - shooting in fall 2022!

Horse Thief Springs, Salt Creek Hills, China Ranch Trail: Trail-head, Parking & Picnic Area, China Ranch Date Farm & Bakery, Mountain Springs Trailhead, Crowbar Cafe & Saloon, Shoshone Inn, Tecopa, BLM Land west of Lake Havasu City, AZ in California ~3 miles, College Street Brewhouse & Pub, Flying X Saloon, The Red Onion, Sunset Charter & Tour Co., London Bridge, Havasu 95 Speedway, SARA Park, Sara Mountain Park Loop Trail, Sara Park Hiking Trail, Havasu Springs Resort, Rice Desert Signpost, Rice Shoe Fence, Hi Jolly's Tomb, Enchanted Cavern, Castle Dome Mine Museum, Yuma Swap Meet Flea Market and Live Music, Garden Cafe, Gateway Park, CHURCH ON THE HILL AT FELICITY, Museum of History In Granite, Vallecito Stage Station County Park, Box Canyon Historical Marker, Galleta Meadows Spinosaurus Sculpture by Ricardo Breceda, Galleta Meadows Saberwolf, Desert Eagle Sculpture by Ricardo Breceda, Galleta Meadows Horses, Stanlunds Inn & Suites, Sky Art Desert Sculpture: Scorpion, Metall Elefants, Borrego Springs Jeep Sculpture, Sky Art Desert Sculpture: Spanish Padre