6 Activities For an Unreal Day in Huacachina, Peru

You would be remiss to visit Peru without a day trip to the lively desert oasis of Huacachina. This intriguing destination is just west of the city of Ica, and about five hours south of Lima. If you envision yourself sipping on a pisco sour in front of a chilled-out blue lagoon nestled in towering […]

5 Things To Do in Bolivia to Experience the Real South America

In Bolivia, progress is more an abstract concept than a reality. That isn’t an insult. It’s a compliment. Arriving in Bolivia from almost any other part of South America, whether Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, or Peru, you can feel as though you’ve Marty McFlown back 50 years or more. Everything you’ve been force fed about South […]

Festivals in Latin America: The Region’s Finest Fiestas

It’s no secret that Latin Americans love themselves a good paaartay, with the continent’s yearly calendar filled with more events than days. Their love of a good time is, indeed, the stuff of legends, yet what’s even more endearing is their fervent desire to drag even the most reluctant of spectators to come along for […]