Year-Round LGBTQ+ Pride Destinations

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Pride never stops! From misty churches in Iceland to mouthwatering ice cream in NYC- here are some LGBTQ+ destinations that you can visit and experience Pride vibes 365 days a year. These queer safe spots around the globe offer a space of inclusivity and openness, where everyone can comfortably be themselves, learn, and grow.

Gay's The Word, Freed Bodyworks, Lil' Deb's Oasis, Shinjuku-Nichōme (Shinjuku 2), The Castro, Gay Village, Seyðisfjarðarkirkja, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

  • Gay's The Word in London, England

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      Gay's The Word is the oldest LGBTQ+ bookshop in England, a cozy oasis of books in the heart of colorful London. The shop features endless queer fiction and non-fiction and frequently hosts community events and discussions. Stop by this pioneering book shop during your London travels for a look into the vibrant and colorful LGBTQ+ community of the city.

  • Freed Bodyworks in Washington, United States

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      Freed Bodyworks was founded in response to the massage industry that doesn't accommodate all types of bodies, particularly gender non-conforming and gender-fluid individuals. Through healing-focused procedures and massage techniques, Freed Bodyworks embraces all types of bodies and seeks to find spiritual and physical freedom through tried and tested methods. Freed Bodyworks is owned by LGBTQ+ individuals and practices 'Radical Inclusion', everyone is welcome in this safe space.

  • Lil' Deb's Oasis in New York, United States

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      Lil Deb's is a vibey joint in Manhattan that employs a primarily queer staff, uses moody lighting, and serves top-of-the-line delectable pan-Mexican cuisine. Stop by for groovy neon rainbow lighting, a delicious meal, and knowledge that part of the check will be donated to support the LGBTQ+community. With the motto "If u gay, perfect", Lil Deb's is truly an LGBTQ+ oasis amongst an already welcoming NYC.

  • Shinjuku-Nichōme (Shinjuku 2) in Tokyo, Japan

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      Ni-Chome is a neon-lit gay neighborhood in bustling Tokyo city. Packed full of exciting bars and clubs, vibrant nightlife culture, and frequent events- anyone visiting Tokyo needs to make time to visit this rainbow-colored district. Dance the night away with popular bops and make memories that last a lifetime at arguably the most unique & fun nightlife area of the city. Japan itself still struggles to find complete openness towards the LGBTQ+ lifestyle, but Tokyo is incredibly open to all walks of life, and in Ni-Chome especially you are sure to find your place in this eclectic city.

  • The Castro in San Francisco, United States

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      Featuring plenty of iconic, LGBTQ+ landmarks, community centers, museums, and rainbow-painted streets, The Castro is one of the most significant and historically rich LGBTQ+ travel destinations in the world. Here you can feel the history in almost every corner of the neighborhood, from the famous Castro Theatre to the Pink Triangle Monument. The Castro continues to be full of support and love for all who visit.

  • Gay Village in Montreal, Canada

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      Since the 1980s, Montreal's famous Gay Village has developed into a safe, colorful hub of fun for the LGBTQ+ community. The neighborhood features countless gay-owned businesses, no-car pedestrian-friendly roads, and a thriving nightlife. Montreal has countless LGBTQ+ events throughout the year and is always a friendly and safe destination for any queer travelers seeking delicious food, rainbow-painted streets, and excellent parties.

  • Seyðisfjarðarkirkja in Seydisfjordur, Iceland

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      This picturesque, powdered-blue church sits amongst a misty, mountainous landscape in a small Icelandic village. The most iconic aspect is a rainbow-painted pathway lining a cobblestone street throughout the town, ending directly in front of the church. The rainbow pathway symbolizes love and support for the LGBTQ+ residents.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, United States

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      This NYC-based destination has four spots located around the city, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is an uber colorful, and delicious ice cream parlor that celebrates LGBTQ+.