Winter Wonderlands To Visit This Season

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For a proper winter full of glistening snowflakes, hot cocoa, and fairytale-like settings- we have put together a list of the most Winter Wonderland-esque destinations in the world for your winter holiday. From national parks full of outdoorsy snow fun to old cities decorated in an array of kaleidoscopic illuminations and fresh snowfall. Grab your coziest jacket and favorite hat and let’s step into the magical world of winter.

Bergen, Salzburg, Quebec City, Kenai Fjords National Park, Tallinn, Lapland, Switzerland, Banff National Park Of Canada

  • Bergen in Norway, Norway

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      With great sledding and excellent food, Bergen is easily one of the best cities to chase the winter blues away in. A UNESCO world heritage site, Bergen is full of stunning views, history, and gorgeous fairytale architecture. Explore the old town, enjoy delicious cuisine and make the most of an old-fashioned style Christmas.

  • Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria

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      Everything about Salzburg emanates a fairytale brought into real life, think a distant castle on a hill, lively town atmosphere, and magical architecture around every corner. Home to one of the world’s most famous Christmas markets, Salzburg takes the holidays seriously. Twinkling decorations light up every snowy corner, the old atmosphere glistens through ancient buildings and historical destinations, and tasty comfort food is served up fresh for every meal.

  • Quebec City in Quebec City, Canada

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      Quebec City is brimming with fascinating architecture dating back to old french characteristics, historical battlefields, and our personal favorite- poutine! Along with featuring some of Canada’s finest cuisine, stunning small-town essence, and authentically French Canadian atmosphere, Quebec City is situated comfortably aside the shore for stunning views. Explore old castles (in North America!), eat delicious French cuisine, and enjoy one of Canada’s top tourist destinations glimmering in the winter snow.

  • Kenai Fjords National Park, United States

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      A true destination for adventure and excitement, this Alaskan National Park is brimming with fresh tundra to explore. Miles of untouched glacial landscapes glistening beneath the winter sun, experience the magic of hiking, exploring, skiing, and more at this fantastic getaway.

  • Tallinn, Estonia

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      Considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltics, Tallinn is a well-preserved old town that transports visitors into a fairytale land of ages past. Complete with magical architecture and snow-covered rooftops, this Estonian city is popular for a good reason. While it might be chilly, any cool wind can be combatted with cozy cuisine and a fresh cup of coffee, we absolutely loved getting to know this dreamlike destination.

  • Lapland, Finland

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      Enjoying a Reindeer ride through snow-topped forests, witnessing the pure magic of aurora borealis, cozying up by the fire with a mystery novel and hot cocoa- yes we are big fans of the winter oasis provided by Lapland. Escape to the north and embrace the beauty of sparkling pearl-like snow, and mystical pink skies in the dark of night. Lapland consistently tops lists for being one of the most fairytale-like winter getaways on the planet.

  • Switzerland

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      The off-season means fewer crowds and a lot more winter fun. The birthplace of some of Europe’s most famous cheesy winter pastimes, from fondue to raclette, Switzerland is a sprawling country full of dynamic nature scenery, sparkling cities, and quaint small towns. Whether you want a getaway nestled in a log cabin along the alps, or in a ritzy Airbnb downtown Geneva complete with a picture-perfect view, Switzerland is a prime destination decorated with fresh snowfall and twinkling winter lights.

  • Banff National Park Of Canada, Canada

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      Relive your childhood memories frolicking in the fresh snow all season long at this winter wonderland destination. With so many outdoorsy adventures waiting to happen- skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hiking, and more, it’s no wonder so many visit this famous national park to make the most of winter fun. Perfect for adventurous Seekers, and those looking for some old-fashioned snow excitement.