Where To Cool Off This Summer

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Nothing quite like the summertime heat when it's soft and dewy rather than dizzying- and these destinations can get *hot* but in the most temperate way possible- if you know what we mean. If you are considering heading up north for summer, we're here to let you know that you don't need to freeze on icy tundra for a break from the heat. A simple dip in freshwater, a sip of iced tea on a windy shoreline, or hiking up for a breathtaking look at nature are all perfectly acceptable ways of cooling off while making the most of summertime. Let's check out some of the best getaways for an idyllic summer vacation.

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  • Acadia National Park in Maine, United States

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      With temperate weather, lush greens, and gorgeous viewpoints- Acadia National Park is idyllic in the summertime. Watch nature come alive beneath the sunlight, with rich emerald hues and flourishing plant and animal life. Nothing says summer quite like outdoor adventuring, and Acadia National Park has endless opportunities to hike, kayak, and take breathtaking photography to solidify this summer as one of your most exciting.

  • Pittsburgh, United States

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      Pittsburgh comes alive in the summer heat, following a frigid winter season, this famous riverside city is bustling with world-class art galleries, gourmet eats, a rich sports culture, and plenty of historic sights to see. Don't skip over Pittsburgh as an option while planning out your summer getaways- this city should not be overlooked.

  • Denali National Park and Preserve in Denali National Park and Preserve, United States

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      If you imagine Alaska as a frozen icy tundra year round- we're here to tell you that you are only *partially* right. Denali National Park is a testament to the idyllic temperatures this state has to offer in the height of summer. Explore untouched nature, set up camp, and experience the height of summer at one of the country's most expansive national parks.

  • Upper Peninsula of Michigan, United States

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      We equate summer with exploration, and easily one of the most exciting destinations to explore is the breathtaking Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Countless freshwater swimming opportunities, with Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron all within reach, preserved historic destinations, biking opportunities, and more, make this an idyllic spot for a family getaway.

  • Cape Breton Island, Canada

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      Nothing quite like the soft summer charm of Nova Scotia; endless green in all directions, clear air, and dewy warmth. Breton Island is easily one of Canada's most popular islands for summer travel- full of excitement and fun but just off the beaten path enough for some remote opportunities. With small fishing villages, endless nature, and windswept horizons; Breton Island feels like a world all its own.

  • Vancouver in Vancouver, Canada

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      Just enough north for cool air, but just enough west for sunny beachside summer fun- Vancouver is your city for an unforgettable summer getaway. Explore countless natural destinations, set up your towel on the sandy shores of one of many gorgeous beaches, and enjoy multicultural cuisine, street fairs, festivals, and more.