Warm Travel Destinations In The US For November

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From a California dream to the mythical world of Vegas to the islands of Hawaii- don't worry it's not like the entire country goes sub-zero this winter. We have selected our favorite cities to escape the freeze, and embrace sunshine even in the most wintery months. Enjoy the holidays beneath the palm trees and forget your worries down south, let's take a look at some hot destinations in the USA to travel to this winter.

Los Angeles, O‘ahu, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas

  • Los Angeles, United States

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      In case you are seeking a little glitz and glamour with your warm winter vacay- LA is always an excellent option. Imagine the amazing shopping, palm trees swaying, beach excursions, the delicious cuisine from around the world, and of course the laid back Cali vibe that we just can't get enough of. Los Angeles is a home away from home, always welcoming, and friendly with a touch of glitter.

  • O‘ahu, United States

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      This stunning Hawaiian island is home to seemingly endless views of the horizon, think: gorgeous sparkling water and sandy shores. Home to Honolulu, and some of the best shaved ice in the country, you are guaranteed to forget your worries of winter cold at this paradise destination.

  • Las Vegas in Las Vegas, United States

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      Vegas, what could be a better story? We are huge fans of the excitement and sparkle that seems to come hand in hand with a trip to this famous destination. From fantastical shows, immersive experiences, and of course- parties- it's no wonder so many flock to this mythical city. Enjoy the ultimate party holiday with friends at this gorgeous and sunny city in Nevada.

  • Orlando, United States

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      One reason you might be headed to Orlando (other than the gorgeous weather and high temperatures) is the endless themeparks to explore. Fun for the entire family, Orlando is hope to favorites including Disneyworld and Universal Studios, an excellent escape from reality. Enjoy beach paradise, tasty eats, and fun in the sun.

  • Phoenix, United States

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      With year round sunshine guaranteed, Phoenix is an excellent getaway from the winter chills. Enjoy stunning natural landscapes, explore the vibrant city lifestyle, and indulge in some of the tastiest food in the country. With a patchwork of so many cultures, Phoenix encompasses the American melting pot that results in some truly special memories for all who make there way to this sunny destination.

  • Dallas, United States

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      With several neighborhoods all brimming with their own unique energy, culture around every corner, and tasty comfort food- it's no wonder Dallas is considered one of the top cities to vacation at in the USA. A modern metropolis that boasts a thriving art district, some of the countries finest cuisine, and innovation- We are huge fans of this sparkling Texas city (and huge fans of the heat!)