USA Spring Music Festival Destinations 2022

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From jazz festivals in New Orleans to sunny flower-crowned festivals in California, spring 2022 means incredible music festivals are coming to the USA. Enjoy the biggest Afrobeat festival *in the world* in Puerto Rico, then hop over to Northampton for a sea-soaked, art gallery-adorned music extravaganza. These are some of the best cities to go to if you are looking for a transformative sound experience, combining music, good eats, and community. Any music festival aficionados or beginners are welcome- you won't want to miss this one.

Northampton, Indio, New Orleans, San Diego, Miami, Puerto Rico, Knoxville

  • Northampton, United States

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      Toasted Jam, Mas Gras, and more- Northampton is the place to be this spring. With a lineup of exhilarating events- spanning from art gallery pop-ups to glass blowing sessions, the music festivals in Northampton are designed to appease a wide array of festival-goers. The Hamptons are always a great idea as the temperature heats up, and the music festivals are the cherry on top of the fresh vanilla sundae.

  • Indio, United States

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      We can't make a list of spring festivals without acknowledging the iconic Idio's Coachella. Known for having an incredible lineup that attracts celebrities, influencers, and more- Coachella is a dreamy festival full of excitement, fun, and *a lot* of flowers.

  • New Orleans, United States

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      With more than one incredible Jazz fest and other effervescent events hitting the historic streets of New Orleans- true music lovers won't want to miss this destination. New Orleans is a treasure trove of American music culture, a central destination for rhythm, blues, and jazz.

  • San Diego, United States

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      Sunny San Diego welcomes the country's musical talent to its sandy shores this spring for several high-profile festivals that we are very excited about. Pride Music Festival, Beer and Music Festival, and more- consider adding San Diego to your spring festival travel itinerary.

  • Miami, United States

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      It comes as no surprise that Miami has some of the coolest festivals happening this spring. From immersive electronic festivals to full-out party festivals, and everything you can imagine in between- Miami has a lineup of cool events to check out for any music festival lovers looking for an unforgettable experience.

  • Puerto Rico

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      Puerto Rico is a prime destination for music aficionados, and spring travelers alike. The world's biggest Afrobeats festival, an exciting musical experience, will be nestled into the sandy shores and tropical island environment of Puerto Rico from March 24th.

  • Knoxville, United States

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      Knoxville hosts some of the most exciting music festivals in the spring, from international events to local favorites. Knoxville is a historic town with a bustling music culture that invites fellow music lovers from across the map every spring to take part in their iconic events. Two big events happening in the spring are the Big Ears Festival, an experimental festival, and the Southern Skies Festival which revolves around local talent.