Trending Travel Destinations For Summer

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What time is it? From island paradise to sparkling downtown metropolis, stunning natural surroundings, and trendy galleries- these are the cities that are on our map for trending summer getaways. Looking for a family-friendly adventure? Or a weekend girls' trip? These destinations are full of nonstop excitement to start your summer 2022 on the right foot. Let's dive in!

Key West, Denver, Honolulu, Montecito, Las Vegas, Seattle, Memphis

  • Key West, United States

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      As the winter crowds taper away, Key West remains soaked in sunshine and good vibes for an excellent early-summertime getaway. Enjoy gorgeous sandy beaches, nonstop activities, and family-friendly adventures. Easily one of the most beautiful places to experience summer in the USA, it's no secret that Key West is a good idea.

  • Denver, United States

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      This metropolis dates back to the days of early America, a bustling city combining both old and new. A testament to America's famed melting pot, Denver excels in multicultural dining and cuisine, with fresh food from across the world available throughout the gorgeous city. Famed for incredible museums, sightseeing opportunities, and a sprawling oasis of pristine nature surrounding the city- Denver is an excellent

  • Honolulu, United States

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      A slice of island paradise, Honolulu is at the tip of gorgeous, rugged natural landscapes, metropolitan city life, and stunning coastlines. Whether you plan to hit the beach or spend your days munching on fresh acai bowls to fuel a shopping spree- Honolulu's beauty and laid back atmosphere is sure to level up your summer vacay.

  • Montecito, United States

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      A destination among the stars, Montecito is one of California's most beautiful getaways. Far from the hustle and bustle of LA or San Francisco, Montecito encompasses a more laid-back Cali kind of lifestyle. Explore gorgeous nature, stunning beaches, luxury experiences, and incredible boutique shopping.

  • Las Vegas in Las Vegas, United States

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      It comes as no surprise that Vegas made it to this list, long been the destination of fun and excitement. Whether it's your plan to hit the casinos or party the night away, Las Vegas is so much more than just a ritzy destination. Surrounded by culture, Las Vegas is made up of incredible museums, local eateries, and sightseeing.

  • Seattle in Washington, United States

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      A two-day getaway or a week-long adventure, Seattle is one of America's rainiest destinations that makes up for it in culture, cuisine, and breathtaking nature. From the metropolitan nightlife to days spent exploring the wilderness around the edge of the city, there's no wonder Seattle attracted the likes of Frasier to its classy downtown. From down to earth to ritzy, Seattle has no shortage of exciting sights to see for any type of travel.

  • Memphis, United States

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      Memphis excels in attractions; from world-renowned museums and cultural institutions to an overflowing underground music scene. Whatever it is you're after- tasty eats, sightseeing, gorgeous views, Memphis is sure to deliver. Memphis has long been a hidden gem tourist destination, but lately it's vibrant lifestyle has been drawing in travelers to experience the high life- Memphis style.