Top Travel Picks from Women of Seeker

Seeker Editors

Happy International Women's Day! We're always inspired by the badass women who help to make our community such a vibrant, unique bunch of travelers. We asked women in our community their favorite places to travel, and they had some pretty epic ideas to share. Hear why these places are near to their hearts, and save 'em for the future so they can eventually be close to yours too:

Half Moon Bay, Panama, Nepal, Gosau, Metropolitan City of Rome, Ko Lanta, White Sands National Park, Thailand, Vietnam, Paris

  • Half Moon Bay, United States

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      Michele Humeston, @michele writes: "Over the past year I’ve been doing lots of solo hikes, they’re a great way to recharge and center myself. The 11 miles of costal trail in Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite spots!"

  • Panama

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      Rosie Bell, @thebeachbell writes: "I absolutely adore Panama and it’s one of the places I can never stop returning to. My first trip was love at first sight and I’m still captivated by the postcard beaches, the music, the seafood, and all the sounds. As a travel writer, being in an environment that lights my flames benefits my writing, too. In my heart, it simply feels like home."

  • Nepal

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      Adele Bilotta, @psych.adeleic writes: "I love Nepal! Encompassed in mysticism, full of rich culture and history, the charming and friendly locals, and not to mention it’s abounding and expansive scenery (Hello, home of Mount Everest!) makes this country one of my favourites."

  • Gosau, Austria

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      Priyanka, writes: “I had wanted to visit Austria for a long time, mainly to visit Hallstatt - one of the most postcard worthy places in Europe. Since I couldn’t find accommodations in Hallstatt, we booked a BnB in the small town of Gosau nearby, and boy were we surprised and taken by it’s beauty. While Hallstatt itself was every bit gorgeous, I fell head-over-heels in love with Gosau! The lush green landscape, carefree cows roaming it’s pastures, and the views of the snow-capped Gosaukamm mountains, from this impeccably picturesque little gem of a town, made Austria one of my favorite places in Europe!”

  • Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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      Netanya Trimboli, @netanyas writes: "The old world feeling of Rome transports you back in time, and you can feel its history come to life. It's filled with beauty, amazing food, and awe around every corner, and oozes romance in every sense of the word."

  • Ko Lanta, Thailand

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      Reina Cartagena, @reinacartagena writes: "Thailand, Koh Lanta, it is a complete dream! People were so friendly and caring and the food was so delicious! I got to see the most beautiful sunsets in my life! Definitely one of my favorites places I've been!"

  • White Sands National Park, United States

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      Leah Fishman, @leahfishman writes: "I dig White Sands because it’s way off-the-beaten path. Unlike other parks that can feel weirdly like amusement parks (complete with crowded parking lots and winding lines to see the big attractions), you can go totally rogue at White Sands. No trails here, puppies are welcome, you can sled, picnic, take pics — this is one of the only NPs where you can wander aimlessly for hours without breaking a rule or bumping up against other people."

  • Thailand

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      Jody Vandergriff, @chiefseeker writes: “It's hard to choose a favorite but Thailand holds a special place in my heart. It was the first country I visited outside of North America and 15 years later, it's where Seeker was born!"

  • Vietnam

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      Sarah Lempa, @travelempa writes: “I have love affairs with like 28 different countries but I gotta say, Vietnam is always going to have a very special place in my heart. I rode a motorbike down the entire country when I was first starting my career, and I’ll never forget the warmth of the people along with the unparalleled nature. And the $1 pho. I ate lots of that.”

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      Pallas-Amenah Morgan, @thegoddess_pallas writes: “Paris was the first international city I ever traveled to, and I did it solo at 19 years old! Everything from the art and food scene to the nightlife and architecture was breathtaking, and I loved learning to adapt to such a different environment. I traveled right after a traumatic experience, and the city really helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. Paris will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason.”