Top Tourist Attractions in the US

Seeker Editors

These attractions range from breathtaking to dazzling- with gorgeous natural landscapes, sparkling nightlife, and everything in between. No matter your USA plans, whether you are exploring natural parks, touring NYC, or visiting *every* iconic theme park in the country, life-changing experiences await. These are the most legendary tourist attractions across the United States, from the effervescent Las Vegas Strip to The Grand Canyon. Make it a trip to remember, and consider these spots for your USA bucket list.

Times Square, Central Park, The Las Vegas Strip, Washington Union Station, Golden Gate Park, Grand central station, Magic Kingdom Park, Lincoln Park, Disneyland Resort, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Balboa Park, Disney’s animal kingdom, Epcot, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Disney's Hollywood Studios, PIER 39, Venice Beach, Pike Place Market, Golden Gate Bridge, South Street Seaport, Mackinac Bridge, Navy Pier, Grand Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Mall of America®, Statue of Liberty National Monument