Top Road Trip Destinations in the USA

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Scenic highways underneath a wide-open sky, countless quirky and breathtaking stops along the way- road trip culture in the USA is unmatched. Whether you want to uncover a mysterious mansion in California, follow a botanical maze in Hawaii, or wander the bright orange rock carvings in Antelope Canyon, we gathered a list of our favorite and most memorable road trip destinations. Remember, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey to get there.

Pacific Coast Highway, Roswell, Pineapple Garden Maze, Winchester Mystery House, Prada Marfa, Antelope Canyon, Salvation Mountain, Yellowstone National Park, U.S. Route 66, Historic Columbia River Highway

  • Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, United States

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      If you are looking for a scenic route to take, we recommend the Pacific Coast Highway in California. From San Francisco to San Diego, this highway shows off the truly breathtaking view of the California Coast Line. We recommend scheduling some stops and staying overnight along the way to explore beachside towns, famous cities, and landmarks.

  • Roswell, United States

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      Welcome to the Alien capital of the world. Roswell is packed with alien-themed restaurants and attractions, including the International UFO Museum. It is said that there have been legitimate UFO sitings near Roswell, a town that has attracted odd occurrences. Perfect for family trips to quirky museums or to do some sleuthing, Roswell is a fun destination for your road trip itinerary.

  • Pineapple Garden Maze, United States

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      Pineapple Garden Maze is a botanical garden structured into pathways with a central pineapple-shaped center. The Pineapple Garden Maze is the largest plant maze in the world, explore almost 2 and a half miles of weaving wildlife under the sun.

  • Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, United States

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      The Winchester Mystery House is a well-preserved mansion and tourist destination located in San Jose, California. This mysterious house is surrounded by folklore and ghost stories, making it a truly otherworldly stop for your next west coast road trip. Originally an unfinished farmhouse purchased by Sarah Winchester in 1884, she began her grand remodeling project that continued endlessly leading to a museum-like mansion that charms thousands of visitors every year.

  • Prada Marfa, United States

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      Located near Marfa, Texas, this permanent sculptural art piece by Scandinavian artists Elmgreen and Dragset is a free exhibit featuring a recreation of a Prada store in the middle of the desert. Along with Marfa being a charming town to visit during your journey, the Prada Marfa exhibit is perfect for creating artsy photography and even features genuine Prada merchandise protected by thick glass walls.

  • Antelope Canyon, United States

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      Located in the Navajo territory of Arizona, this slot canyon was carved by wind and water and is now one of the most photogenic locations in the world. Stop by the Antelope Canyon to be engulfed by vibrant fiery hues of carved sandstone at this awe-striking destination.

  • Salvation Mountain, United States

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      Salvation Mountain is a man-made hillside art sculpture located in the middle of the California Badlands. Made up of bricks, discarded items, and thousands of gallons of paint, this art piece is deemed a national treasure across the world. The Salvation Mountain features murals, Christian sayings, and Bible verses painted around the structure.

  • Yellowstone National Park, United States

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      One of the most visited national parks across the nation, Yellowstone has jewel-like pools, hot springs, and friendly wildlife. Take an afternoon off the road to explore the vast landscape and picturesque views of this world-famous park.

  • U.S. Route 66 in Albuquerque, United States

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      Route 66 is the most famous road in the country, this iconic highway stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles. This is the ultimate road trip bucket list item, with fun sites to see and explore along your journey crossing the nation.

  • Historic Columbia River Highway, United States

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      The Historic Columbia River Highway was one of the first paved roads in the country, this scenic route offers a chance to have beautiful views while on the road. Oregan is full of nature and picturesque scenery, and this rivery highway is right in the middle of it, with several locations along the road including waterfalls and tunnels to explore.