Top Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Around the World

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When it comes to weed, experience matters. We are constantly seeking out the best cannabis dispensaries around the globe. Right now, the dispensary culture boom is huge in the US, but we are excitedly watching this trend spread far and wide. From traditional cannabis coffeeshops along the canals in Amsterdam to giant dispensaries in Las Vegas, we are proud to present this list of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries around the world.

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  • Boerejongens Coffeeshop West Amsterdam, Netherlands

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      Traditional Dutch coffeeshops also function as dispensaries, the streets of Amsterdam are lined with these cozy cafes, Boerejongens Coffeeshop stands out with its antique apothecary vibes. Stop by for a delicious cup of coffee or to smoke some bud at this carefully designed lab-like location, and experience authentic Dutch cannabis coffeeshop culture.

  • Serra Dispensary Downtown in Portland, United States

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      Serra is one of the most aesthetically pleasing recreational dispensaries in the US. Located in the heart of picturesque Portland, a 420 destination, Serra welcomes guests daily to explore their relationship with Cannabis. What sets Serra apart is their provided "Feelings Cards" which allows the budtenders to curate the best products for each customer's individual needs. We love the special attention put into helping people develop their relationship with weed at this charming west coast location.

  • Sensi Seeds, Netherlands

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      Sensi Seeds is the world's largest Cannabis seed bank, located in the beautiful 420 central of Amsterdam. Along with collecting the best curation of organic seeds, Sensi does carry select edible products, vaping goods, CBD, and weed merchandise. Visit Sensi seeds on your next trip to Amsterdam to learn more about the cultivation of Cannabis.

  • Good Chemistry, United States

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      While there is no shortage of dispensaries in Colorado, Good Chemistry stands out for the careful attention to helping consumers have the most beneficial experience from their consumption. Along with the stunning interior and seemingly endless selection of top products, Good Chemistry will find the most quality flower to satisfy any of your Cannabis needs.

  • Silverpeak in Aspen, United States

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      Silverpeak dispensary is one of the best dispensaries in the world. Silverpeak offers a classy experience tucked away in the rocky mountains. This dispensary has an exquisitely designed interior with experienced budtenders who help you through a very professional method of purchasing top-quality flowers and cannabis products. Test out the flowers and find the perfect fit for you in this stylish Aspen dispensary.

  • Farma, United States

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      Farma is a must for anyone traveling to Portland, one of the most 420 friendly cities in the world. Farma has a sleek interior with highly knowledgeable budtenders to help you find whatever cannabis experience you seek. Make sure to stop by and try their super tasty vegan edibles.

  • NuWu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, United States

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      NuWu is one of the largest recreational marijuana dispensaries on the planet, and one of the best dispensaries in the world. Las Vegas, NuWu provides high-quality bud for extremely affordable prices.

  • CAFE St. Clair in Toronto, Canada

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      St Clair Cafe is a welcoming coffee shop with laid-back vibes located in Toronto, Canada. This location serves some of the tastiest edibles, premium flowers, concentrates, plenty of gear, and some of the best coffee around. Stop by this trendy spot to try out premium bud and get a taste of local Toronto cafe culture.

  • Barbary Coast in San Francisco, United States

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      Barbary Coast was established in the historic neighborhood of San Francisco by the same name, with the intent to create a safe and comfortable space where guests can form a community around enjoying high-quality cannabis products. Barbary Coast offers one of the most elegant lounges in the city, with highly knowledgeable budtenders and great prices for an excellent product.