Top Cannabis Friendly Hotels Around the World

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If you are planning a 420 vacation then you need a 420-friendly hotel to match. From luxury resorts in California to Jamaican island paradise, we have selected some of the top cannabis-friendly hotels from around the world that provide world-class experiences. Whether you have a strict budget or are ready to ball out, here are our picks of the best 420 friendly hotels around the world.

Fairmont Miramar - Hotel & Bungalows, Little Bay Cabins, Sir Sam's Inn and Spa- Ontario's Luxury Adult Resort, Dream Hollywood, St Julien Hotel & Spa, Jupiter Hotel Portland, The Adagio Bed & Breakfast, The Bulldog Hotel

  • Fairmont Miramar - Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, United States

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      Dine and smoke poolside at this luxury beach retreat. The Fairmont Miramar offers private bungalows as well as classic hotel rooms with world-class service for the perfect beach getaway. Enjoy the top-quality cannabis delivery offered by the hotel, and unwind with fizzy cocktails underneath the California sunshine.

  • Little Bay Cabins, Jamaica

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      An untouched paradise, Little Bay Cabins offers authentic Jamaican culture. With premium bud, watch the impeccable sunsets unfold at your new home away from home. Beautiful and clean grounds, cozy cabins, and great service, Little Bay Cabins is a must for your next 420 friendly island escape.

  • Sir Sam's Inn and Spa- Ontario's Luxury Adult Resort, Canada

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      Sir Sam's Inn and Spa is the first cannabis-friendly resort in Canada. Located along the edge of Eagle Lake in Ontario, this luxury resort offers exceptional dining, a water spa, as well as outdoor activities to match the season. Escape into Canada's natural wilderness at this peaceful adult-only location.

  • Dream Hollywood in Los Angeles, United States

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      This chic hotel is one of the more luxurious available for your cannabis journey to southern California. Along with a fashionable bar, rooftop pool, and delicious grill restaurant, there is also cannabis available to be delivered directly to your door. Indulge your senses and get high at this lively hotel destination in the city of stars.

  • St Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, United States

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      At St Julien spa and hotel, cannabis is used to its full wellness potential. Complete with CBD-infused spa treatments, luxurious rooms, and a 420 friendly attitude, this hotel is perfect for those seeking an elegant 420 retreat in the vibrant city of Boulder Colorado.

  • Jupiter Hotel Portland in Portland, United States

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      This trendy hotel in the heart of portland houses a 24-hour art gallery, cocktail lounge, world-class restaurant, as well as plenty of 420-friendly events. Along with providing the first-ever hotel weed package in portland, The Jupiter Hotel is incredibly minimalist and artsy, perfect for your cannabis escape to Portland.

  • The Adagio Bed & Breakfast in Denver, United States

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      Just near the cosmopolitan Denver city, the Adagio Denver is a 420 friendly bed and breakfast in a charming Victorian-era home. Enjoy wake and bake breakfasts, hospitable service, wine nights, and more at this eclectic location, where cannabis use is more than welcome.

  • The Bulldog Hotel, Netherlands

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      The Bulldog hotel is a 5 star rated hostel that also makes its own rules and allows guests to enjoy cannabis while staying there. This vibey spot is perfect for your 420 friendly European adventure, with a great staff, canal-side view, safe perimeters, and influx of like-minded travelers.