The Most Haunted Hotels In The USA

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Old Hollywood establishments, island getaways, and unsolved mysteries, this list will take you on a trail of drama, betrayal, and poolside bars (?) Jokes aside- these fantastical destinations across the country all feature ghoulish visions, peculiar happenings, and eerie backstories- they are also all incredibly old and steeped in history. Visit some of America's most incredible hotels, indulge in delicious cuisine, and face your fears- you might just run into a ghost.

The Sagamore, Jekyll Island Club Resort, Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Waikiki Beach, The Hollywood Roosevelt, Hotel Monteleone, The Red Lion Inn, Concord's Colonial Inn, The Stanley Hotel

  • The Sagamore in New York, United States

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      An idyllic lakeside location, luxurious accommodations, and a deeply haunted past- The Sagamore Hotel is easily one of the most haunted hotels in the entire world. Along with giggling ghostly children on the golf course, and regular ghost sightings throughout the halls, it's no secret The Sagamore has a lengthy history of eerie hauntings. Come for the delicious cuisine and outdoorsy fun, stay for the nightmares- this hotel is perfect for a Halloween night getaway.

  • Jekyll Island Club Resort, United States

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      Strange things have been happening at this historic hotel, mysteriously sipped coffee in the mornings, newspapers shoveled around, and sudden disappearances of items. The Jekyll Island Club Resort is a paradise-like getaway, featuring a crystal clear shoreline and brimming with lavish accommodations, but its proximity to darkness does not go unnoticed. Most notably, a ghostly bellman has been sighted at the hotel, wearing an outfit that peculiarly resembles that of a 1920s costume.

  • Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, United States

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      The oldest hotel in Hawaii, Moana Surfrider, is the laid back beachy embodiment of an Island getaway that we all dream of- and also happens to be extremely haunted. Incredibly airy and intricately designed construction and atmosphere aside, this century-old hotel was the site of one of America's most famous unsolved murders. Jane Stanford was murdered mysteriously while in her room, and spooky sounds, ghostly sightings, and haunted theories have been intertwined with the hotel's story ever since.

  • The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, United States

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      The spirit of Marilyn Monroe is said to roam the elegant halls of this iconic Hollywood hotel, along with plenty of other ghosts who have made the tourist destination their home. One of Tinsel Town's oldest hotels, The Roosevelt has seen its fair share of drama.

  • Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, United States

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      A historic tourist destination in the French quarters that is also home to the famous "Mrs. Clean ghost." Mrs. Clean has been resting at the hotel for generations, ensuring that the housekeeping is up to par- there are surely worse ghosts for a hotel to be haunted by. On the fourteenth floor specifically, paranormal researchers have claimed to encounter more than a dozen otherworldly entities, so make sure to stay on this floor if ghost hunting is your thing. We also highly recommend the carousel bar, which is easily one of the most iconic nighttime destinations in Nola.

  • The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, United States

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      A frequented spot for paranormal investigators and mediums, Massachusett's Red Lion Inn is home to some of the most mysterious ghosts around. Visit the famous fourth floor for frequent ghost activity, most notably a ghostly young girl carrying flowers- this hotel is for real horror junkies and paranormal fans, not the weak of heart.

  • Concord's Colonial Inn, United States

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      As such an old hotel, it's to be expected that there are a few ghosts on the premises. While many institutions hide their dark histories, The Concord's Colonial Inn embraces the spooky rumors. Plenty of guests have reported odd happenings, spine-chilling sounds, and even ghost sightings while spending the night at the historical spot- just be sure to request a haunted room.

  • The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, United States

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      Home to many legends, most notably Steven King's haunted stay in room 217 that inspired The Shining, Estes Park's The Stanley Hotel is a somewhat quaint getaway perfect for a frightening night of rest. With fascinating ghost tours, spooky sightings, and mysterious history-The Stanley Hotel is a getaway ideal for horror lovers.