The Best Places To Celebrate Halloween In Europe

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Boo! Want to retrace the steps of Dracula? Or see the birthplace of Frankenstein? Are you just looking to party? We have collected some of the most iconic destinations in Europe for a truly unforgettable Hallows eve. Visit gothic fortresses steeped in bloody history, dance all night in ornately decorated clubs, or bring the whole family to downtown parades celebrating the spookiest time of year, these ghoulish stops are brimming with festivities, fun, and tasty treats.

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  • Transylvania, Romania

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      Home to one of the most notorious villains of Halloween tales past, Transylvania is a vampire haven. Dracula himself might not show, but the medieval architecture of nearby towns, a gothic fortress, and chilling air, Transylvania is a *must* for any monster or vampire fans. Where better to spend October than in a mythical medieval neighborhood brimming with history and excitement?

  • Prague

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      Not so much for trick or treating but an excellent destination if you want to party. Metros stuffed full of costumed partygoers, and the club scene of the city vibing on a whole new level decked out in haunting decorations. Pack your favorite costumes and visit Prague for a magical October night with an endlessly exciting party scene.

  • Burg Frankenstein Restaurant and Events, Germany

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      Famously inspiring the frightening words of Mary Shelley, Frankenstein Castle is a panoramic medieval castle located in the heart of Germany. The castle hosts one of the largest Halloween events in Europe every year come spook-tober, prepare for delectable treats, terrifying costumes, and festivities throughout the night.

  • Bratislava, Slovakia

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      While the country of Slovakia doesn’t take Halloween as seriously as in the US, the country’s capital sure does! Costume hunts, massive parties, scary movie nights, and more, this picturesque European city will not disappoint. With Themed decorations, all-out costumes, and a spine-chilling Halloween energy trailing through every cobbled stone road, Bratislava is an excellent stop for a Halloween night to remember.

  • Corinaldo, Italy

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      Corinaldo is an old Italian city full of quaint lifestyles and delicious cuisine but as October creeps up the city prepares for their annual Witches festival. This famous event lasts throughout the entire week leading up to Halloween. Glowing carved pumpkins, crazy costumes, and a spirit of fun in the air. There is nowhere quite like Corinaldo for extravagant Halloween festivities. Old European architecture and charm by day- witchy potions and partying by night.

  • Dublin in Dublin, Ireland

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      Ireland is considered the historical birthplace of Halloween, it’s no wonder Dublin is a top destination worldwide. A famed, annual ghoulish carnival takes to the streets, complete with spooky costumes, pumpkin lights, and *plenty* of sugary treats. This old city has a long history and is full of winding roads brimming with historical haunts- you might even spy a ghost.

  • London in London, England

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      Ghost tours, famous haunts, and plenty of kid-friendly activities; London has something for everyone. This lively town comes alive in October to welcome the spookiest time of year. Enjoy authentic London sweets, cozy cafes, and endless Halloween-themed activities. Visit a pumpkin farm in the greater London area, or make a list of some of the scariest destinations with truly blood-chilling histories to explore.