The Best Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

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Cinco de Mayo marks the historic win of the Mexican army against the French way back in 1862, and the party hasn't stopped since. Pitchers of refreshing beverages underneath sunny skies, endless plates of fresh tacos and tortilla chips, mariachi bands, and we're just getting started. While Cinco de Mayo is an important holiday in Mexico, the parties in the US are some of the flashiest across the globe. Enjoy vibrant Mexican culture which is an integral piece of the fabric of the United States. Dance the day away in top US destinations such as San Antonio or Los Angeles, or experience a more historical perspective at the birthplace of the holiday in Pueblo, Mexico. Here are some of our favorite spots to hit during early May to enjoy mouthwatering food, and amazing parties that last the whole week.

Denver, San Francisco, Mexico City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Puebla, Albuquerque, San Antonio, New York

  • Denver, United States

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      Denver is a lively city that also has a massive Mexican American population, so you can be sure to experience authentic cuisine, and plenty of festivities. Statistically, Denver does host the *largest* Cinco de May celebration, which means you are bound to have a blast. Enjoy freshly cooked street tacos and pitchers of margarita while enjoying mariachi performances, all-day dance parties, and elaborate parades. Denver is an awesome city to visit, with plenty of fun tourist attractions to appease any seeker of adventure.

  • San Francisco, United States

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      In San Francisco the party starts from May 2nd onward, this energetic city is easily one of the best places in the world to be in early May for tasty Mexican food and fun activities. Including entire days packed with live performances from Bay Area artists, world-famous Mexican cuisine, and exciting specials and events popping up throughout the city, there is no end to options of how to spend this lively holiday. Check out the family-friendly annual Cinco de Mayo celebration that is held in the historical Mission District of the city, and enjoy live mariachis, salsa ensembles, and mouthwatering Mexican street food, and of course- fiesta.

  • Mexico City in Mexico City, Mexico

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      Mexico city is the beating heart of Mexico, the center of all culture and vibrancy that pulses through the beautiful country. A Mexico City vacation around Cinco de Mayo needs to be on your bucket list, watch the city come alive with parades, mariachi bands, and firework displays. Enjoy all the wonders of Mexico City, including world-renown museums, guided tours, and plenty, plenty(!) of scrumptious to indulge throughout your celebrations.

  • San Diego, United States

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      San Diego boasts some of the most sensational celebrations for Cinco de Mayo in the world. This California city is known for serving the best Mexican food daily, and for Mexican culture deeply ingrained into daily life. On May 5th there are plenty of choices, from free outdoor music festivals to elegant events at ritzy venues. Drink your favorite beverage while munching on some freshly cooked tacos with as much guac as you like as you dance beachside in sunny California, San Diego is for sure a must for those seeking an exciting May 5th celebration.

  • Los Angeles, United States

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      Los Angeles is at the center of Mexican culture in the USA, boasting one of the largest Mexican-American populations in the country. Along with plenty of mariachi performances, flavorful authentic cuisine, live festivals across the city, and themed events, LA makes for one of the best destinations to party the week away. This world-famous city sparkles on Cinco de Mayo, with huge parades and festivities as well as more off-the-beaten-path options. Try a Hollywood pub crawl, you are in the city of stars after all, and spend your weekend dancing at one of the countless live music events, LA is where the fiesta is at.

  • Puebla in Puebla, Mexico

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      Puebla, the place where it all started, is the setting for the historical battleground that was won by Mexico on May 5th in 1862. This gorgeous Mexican city lights up on Cinco de Mayo every year, with historical reenactments, noteworthy speeches, and plenty of parades. You can be sure to have a busy and meaningful itinerary in this sunny destination. Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico, boasting plenty of exciting attractions from world-class museums to delicious and affordable Mexican cuisine.

  • Albuquerque, United States

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      Albuquerque features events throughout the week for May 5th, with a huge Mexican-American population you can count on refreshing margaritas, great parties, and some of the best Mexican food in the country. Along with varying events from live festivals to historical homages to the history behind Cinco de Mayo, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city. Check out the old town of Albuquerque and nearby city Santa Fe for further celebrations if you are in town for longer than just the holiday.

  • San Antonio, United States

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      San Antonio is widely regarded as one of the best destinations for Cinco de Mayo festivities. The Market Square is the center of all celebrations of the city, attracting tourists worldwide to experience live music, authentic street food, countless art vendors, and performances. The Market Square in historical and vibrant San Antonio boasts colorful energy that comes to life every May 5th as a true homage to this celebratory day.

  • New York, United States

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      New York has a prominent Mexican-American population, as well as some of the best food and parties in the country for this holiday. The entire week of May 5th is packed full of festivities and plenty of mouthwatering tacos and fresh margaritas. Enjoy a cruise along the Hudson River, complete with Mexican cuisine and any kind of booze you can imagine, visit Greenwich Village for tasty Mexican dishes, or enjoy the free Cinco de Mayo festival that takes place on 116th street for live music and authentic street food.