Summer Getaway Destinations in Europe

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European summer adventures come in the form of seaside colorful fishing villages and medieval castles with obligatory winding roads of cobblestone to uncover your next adventure. In this list, we have included some of our favorite European summer getaway spots- destinations perfect for a weekend trip or a month-long journey. Whether you seek outdoorsy activities or relaxing in a perfect sunny climate along the shore, this summer we have you covered.

Budapest, Prague, Porto, Cappadocia, Bonn, Brighton, Nice, Bruges, Sicily

  • Budapest in Budapest, Hungary

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      Budapest is rich with history, gorgeous architecture, and plentiful centuries-old art. This popular destination has something for everyone, with historical sites and vibrant nightlife culture. We also recommend checking out the thermal waters while in town, they have healing properties and are a truly life-changing experience.

  • Prague

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      Prague is known worldwide for having unmatched spectacular architecture and beautiful landscape. Here you can visit carefully preserved cathedrals, medieval squares, and castles. A true fairytale in real life, this centuries-old location is the perfect backdrop for a magical adventure in Europe.

  • Porto in Porto, Portugal

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      Porto is a coast-side city in Portugal complete with winding cobblestone streets, fresh food merchants, adorable cafes, and baroque architecture. Porto was built to impress potential European investors, and the city remains glistening and impressive. Along the gorgeous seaside, brightly colored buildings dot the rustic landscape of this sunny destination for a picture-perfect seaside vacation.

  • Cappadocia, Turkey

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      Cappadocia is located in central Turkey and is famous for having beautiful cave dwellings, rock formations, and hot air balloons that take flight every morning. Enjoy the plentiful outdoorsy activities offered by this destination, with a variation of hiking trails along ancient pathways and breathtaking natural scenery.

  • Bonn, Germany

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      Light up your summer with this blossoming town in western Germany. Located along the Rhine River, Bonn is full of fun activities and the best black forest cake you will ever try. The birthplace of Beethoven, there are plenty of historical goodies to explore this summer at this vibrant tourist destination.

  • Brighton in Brighton, England

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      Brighton is a historical seaside town in England that is also a major tourist destination. Known for having a thriving music and arts scene, Brighton is considered to be even more fashionable than London. Enjoy the UK coast for your next summer getaway, with boutique shopping underneath salty fresh air at what is considered to be "the happiest place to live in the UK."

  • Nice in Nice, France

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      Nice is a romantic coastline city of southern France. This city is at the intersection of the Mediterranean and French culture, serving delicious Italian food and embodying vibrant and colorful lifestyles. Enjoy the mixture of the bustling city with the sunny beachside environment, world-class Nicoise cuisine, and plenty of beautiful attractions.

  • Bruges in Bruges, Belgium

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      A medieval village that makes you feel as though you have walked into a fairytale. Hilarious British movies with the same name aside, this quaint town is full of fun activities and sites to see. Stroll along picturesque canals while munching on sugar-coated Belgian waffles and take in historical Flemish Belgium. Towering buildings and cobblestone pathways, Bruges is a true European dream.

  • Sicily, Italy

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      Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea, resting on the edge of Italy's heel. Including seaside towns, mountains, volcanos, fishing villages, and vast countryside, Sicily is full of fun activities to embrace the Mediterranean culture. Rich with palpable history, and lined with palm trees, Sicily makes for an excellent seaside summer destination.