Spring Break Destinations Without the Crowds

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Not everyone wants the super-packed spring break experience that is typically advertised- especially in recent times. Having a chance to unwind in beautiful weather amongst inspiring locations while not seeing many people sounds like a dream come true to many. This list encompasses sandy beaches and wintery mountains, perfect for whatever escape you seek to enjoy your spring break to its fullest. Enjoy this selection of spring break destinations picked to safely avoid crowds

Bogota, Nosara, Moloka‘i, Moab, Ocala, Savannah, Santa Fe, Cuba, Palm Springs, Caye Caulker, Jade Mountain Resort, Culebra, Baja California Sur, Whistler, Rio de Janeiro

  • Bogota, Colombia

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      Bogota, Colombia is a hidden gem for Spring Break destinations without the crowds. With beautiful weather, stunning natural scenery, and an eclectic mix of cultural experiences, visitors can explore the city's vibrant street art scene, dance the night away at local salsa clubs, or escape to the mountains for a day trip. Each day offers a new adventure, with fewer crowds than other popular destinations.

  • Nosara, Costa Rica

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      Nosara offers an idyllic getaway for those seeking a laid-back Spring Break destination without the crowds. Located in the lush Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, visitors can indulge in surfing, yoga, hiking, and other outdoor adventures while soaking in the rich local culture. With pristine beaches, natural reserves, and luxury accommodations, Nosara is the ideal destination for a peaceful Spring Break escape.

  • Moloka‘i, United States

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      Moloka‘i, located in the Hawaiian Islands, may just be the perfect escape for travelers seeking a quieter and more authentic Spring Break experience. With fewer crowds than some of the more popular destinations, visitors can soak up the island's natural beauty, ancient history, and cultural heritage in a more low-key and relaxed atmosphere. From pristine beaches and lush mountain trails to traditional Hawaiian festivals and community events, Moloka‘i offers a unique and enriching vacation for those looking to unwind and recharge away from the hustle and bustle of the typical Spring Break scene.

  • Moab, United States

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      Moab, Utah offers visitors a unique and adventurous spring break experience without the crowds commonly found at popular destinations. Visitors can explore the breathtaking red rock formations in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, go hiking and mountain biking on the many trails, or go on a relaxing float trip down the Colorado River. Additionally, Moab offers a variety of dining and shopping options for visitors to enjoy.

  • Ocala, United States

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      Located in the heart of North Central Florida, Ocala offers visitors an abundance of outdoor adventures and natural beauty without the congestion and hustle of traditional Spring Break hotspots. Explore the nearby Ocala National Forest, hike along the scenic Silver Springs State Park, or take a leisurely horseback ride through the rolling hills of horse country. With its relaxed atmosphere and array of outdoor activities, Ocala is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the crowds this Spring Break.

  • Savannah, United States

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      Savannah, Georgia is a charming and unique Spring Break destination that offers a peaceful getaway without the crowds. Visitors can stroll through historic neighborhoods, indulge in delicious southern cuisine, and explore nearby beaches and islands. The city's vibrant art scene and outdoor activities make it an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing yet enjoyable Spring Break.

  • Santa Fe, United States

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      Santa Fe is a lively and vibrant city that provides the perfect destination for spring break vacations without overcrowding. The city is characterized by its stunning weather, turquoise skies, breathtaking landscapes, and numerous outdoor recreational activities that attract visitors of all ages. Visitors can indulge in various cultural attractions, explore the vibrant art scene, and enjoy the city's rich history and traditions while avoiding the crowds.

  • Cuba

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      Cuba, one of the caribbean's hidden gems, is the perfect destination for travelers seeking a Spring Break getaway without the crowds. From sandy beaches to vibrant cities, the country boasts varying activities for all visitors. With its rich culture, unique history, and friendly locals, Cuba offers an unforgettable travel experience.

  • Palm Springs, United States

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      Palm Springs, California is the perfect destination for a relaxing Spring Break without the crowds. Surrounded by stunning desert landscapes and rugged mountains, this oasis offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and golfing. Visitors can also take advantage of the city's luxurious resorts, world-class spas, and vibrant art and culture scene.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize

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      Caye Caulker is a hidden gem amongst Spring Break destinations. Located just off the coast of Belize, this small island offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and relaxation without the crowds of other popular destinations. Bask in the sun on white sandy beaches, snorkel in crystal clear waters and enjoy the laid-back island vibe.

  • Jade Mountain Resort

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  • Culebra, Puerto Rico

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      Culebra, Puerto Rico is a quiet and peaceful paradise that is perfect for those looking for a Spring Break destination without the crowds. The island is known for its secluded white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and kayaking, or simply relax and soak up the sun in the island's laid-back atmosphere.

  • Baja California Sur, Mexico

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      Baja California Sur, Mexico is a gem for Spring Breakers looking to escape the crowds. With beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and endless outdoor activities, this destination offers a unique and relaxed experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of typical Spring Break destinations, visitors can enjoy the beautiful weather and abundant wildlife found in Baja California Sur.

  • Whistler, Canada

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      Whistler, British Columbia is a perfect Spring Break destination for those seeking adventure without the crowds. This quaint, picturesque destination offers a plethora of activities, from skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking and hiking, set against the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. With plenty of lodging and dining options, Whistler is the ultimate escape for a peaceful and rejuvenating Spring Break.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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      Rio de Janeiro in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an ideal Spring Break destination for those seeking to avoid crowds. Offering a picturesque blend of sun, culture, and delicious cuisine, this vibrant city is packed with exciting activities and attractions that will keep visitors entertained throughout their stay. From exploring the historic neighborhoods to relaxing on the scenic beaches, Rio de Janeiro is a great choice for a laid-back, yet memorable Spring Break vacation.