Romantic Summer Getaways Around The World

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We always need a little away time with our honey. Whether you are just getting to know someone and looking to impress, or are already deep into your journey together, these destinations are sure to light that romantic spark. From well-known classic romantic spots to some of our personal favorite destinations, let's take a look into this sweet-like honey, enchanting and romantic summer getaway list.

Loire Valley, Tuscany, Thera, Sonoma Valley, Quebec City, Lake Tahoe, Kyoto

  • Loire Valley, France

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      Famous for sprawling chateaus, delicious wine, and French cuisine, the Loire Valley is our top hidden gem romantic destination- to experience a quintessentially French getaway without the usual crowds. Enjoy meal after meal of light but rich dishes, bike around fields of green, and take a look into the quaint French lifestyle, where you can set aside your worries and just embrace the beauty of life- and food!

  • Tuscany, Italy

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      Tuscany evokes romance in almost every way, and everywhere throughout the glittering Italian region. Visit small Italian villages, traverse awe-inspiring landscapes, rolling green hills, and ancient ruins. Whether you visit Florence and spend your stay indulging in world-renowned cuisine and touring prominent art museums, or prefer to explore the pale-hued countryside, Tuscany has just the thing for any romantic getaway you seek.

  • Thera in Thera, Greece

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      It goes without saying that the marbled white houses and shimmering seas of this Grecian destination are idyllic for a romantic getaway. A personal favorite spot, we recommend sampling local cuisine, exploring the picturesque island, and venturing out into hiking trails for breathtaking views. You can't go wrong with Santorini for a romantic adventure, no matter what the occasion.

  • Sonoma Valley, United States

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      This destination just north of San Francisco is an ideal weekend getaway to spend sampling world-class wine amongst rolling fields and delectable cuisine. From petite family-owned spots to international estates, a relaxing trip exploring the vast wonders of this wine region is fit for two.

  • Quebec City in Quebec City, Canada

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      Enjoy nights at a magical chateau and days strolling picturesque rues dotted with exquisite cafes and European scenery in the heart of Canada. With Victorian architecture and the essence of liveliness twirling through the cobbled stone pathway of this enchanting destination, Quebec City is one of the most romantic destinations in North America. This is an ideal spot for couples looking for a vacation in a fairytale.

  • Lake Tahoe, United States

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      Enjoy a hidden cabin or beach retreat along the sparkling shores of this remote California destination with your sweetheart. Whether you seek refuge in a cozy resort or privacy in an adorable cabin, Lake Tahoe is brimming with options. This destination is perfect for nature lovers, and those who just want to get comfortable at the fireplace at the end of a long day.

  • Kyoto in Kyoto, Japan

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      Escape to Kyoto and experience authentic Japanese culture, mouthwatering fresh matcha desserts, and endless strolls between ancient temples and historic districts. What was once the old capital of Japan, now stands in muted and elegant beauty with picturesque panoramic views, gorgeous nature, and some of the tastiest cuisines in the country. An ideal destination for lovers who are looking to take long walks shrouded in nature and explore shimmering temples.