Remote Beach Getaways Around The World

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We are dreaming of white sandy shores and clear blue waters, lush nature, and fresh air- and we think you should be too. Take a look at some of our beautiful planet’s most idyllic getaway spots, far from any stress, and full of culture, cuisine, and unreal scenery. From untouched shorelines hidden by coves in Portugal to off-the-beaten-path islands in Southeast Asia, these dreamy beaches are some of our favorite destinations for getting in touch with the tranquility of nature- and some much-needed Vitamin D.

Qalito Island, Koh Rong, Sunset Beach, Cocoa Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Playa Sucia

  • Qalito Island, Fiji

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      Fiji is always a good idea, trust us. Known for its idyllic landscape, pristine shores, and paradise lifestyle, we highly recommend Castaway Island, or Qalito Island, as a remote beach excursion in paradise- far from the tourists and partying. Along with relaxing resorts, lush rainforests, and plentiful cultural activities, Castaway Island allows visitors to take a step away from their busy lives and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere fo the island.

  • Koh Rong, Cambodia

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      Located in the South West of Cambodia, Koh Rong is a tropical island- and a little slice of paradise. Away from all the activity on the mainland, Koh Rong encompasses sandy white shorelines, turquoise waters, and an easygoing atmosphere for some serious r&r.

  • Sunset Beach, United States

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      This off-the-beaten-path beach destination is buzzing with local attractions, outdoorsy activities, and events to uncover. Sunset Beach is a low-key, historical getaway in North Carolina that is an excellent option for a family-friendly destination.

  • Cocoa Beach, United States

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      Pristine shorelines adorned with breathtaking nature- Cocoa Beach is a Floridian paradise without the city noise, traffic, and fast-paced atmosphere. Not too far from tourist destinations such as Universal Studios or Disney, but a breath of fresh air with sea turtles, idyllic horizons, and balmy weather year-round.

  • Whitehaven Beach, Australia

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      Known famously for its snow-like white sand and crystal clear blue waters- Whitehaven Beach is a remote Australian treasure. While this beach gets its fair share of foot traffic thanks to the dazzling landscape, idyllic climate, and stunning views, we included Whitehaven Beach in this list due to the effort made by local governments to preserve the environment of the beach. With littering, smoking, and other disturbances banned from the area- Whitehaven is known internationally as an eco-friendly getaway that allows travelers to connect with a pristine shoreline unlike any other.

  • Playa Sucia, Puerto Rico

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      A secluded cove in Puerto Rico, Playa Sucia translates to “dirty beach” as a clever misnomer that has resulted in this shoreline being one of the most pristine beaches in the country. With stunning natural landscapes carved by nature, rolling hills, and even a lighthouse visible in the distance- Playa Sucia transports visitors to another realm of tranquility. Entirely untouched by human development, Playa Sucia is an off-the-beaten-path option for adventurers looking for a dreamy European beach getaway.