Red Colored Places Around the World

Seeker Editors

From volcanic lakes to glowing city lights, here are our picks for the fieriest, red-colored destinations around the world.

Zhangye, Daigoji, Red Square, Lofoten, Moulin Rouge, Valley of Fire State Park, Hitachi Seaside Park, Laguna Colorada, Red Fort, 红海滩, Lake Natron

  • Zhangye, China

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      A wonder of the natural world, Zhangye's national park located in central China boasts unique rainbow-painted mountains with powerful red-colored stripes.

  • Daigoji in Kyoto, Japan

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      Daigoji is a picturesque temple located close to the historic city of Kyoto in Japan. Daigoji is famously painted with vermillion hues that match the extensive fall foliage framing the temple every year.

  • Red Square

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      One of the most historical city squares in Moscow, the Red Square is made up of a palette of vibrant colors, including plenty of rich red tones. Complete with gorgeously architectured buildings of vermillion hues, the Red Square is one of the most treasured red destinations on the planet.

  • Lofoten in Norway, Norway

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      Lofoten is an island making up part of Norway's archipelago. Along with the midnight sun and astonishing scenery, Lofoten is famous for rows of traditional red-painted homes called "Rorbuer". Rent one of these adorable cabins for your next cherry-colored getaway.

  • Moulin Rouge in Paris, France

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      The Moulin Rouge is an iconic cabaret located in the glittering city of Paris, France. The title translates to "red mill", and for a glowing red moment beneath sparkling lights, and extravagant fashion- Moulin Rouge is the place to go.

  • Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, United States

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      Combined with marbled stone structures of various hues of copper, and gorgeous desert landscape, this Nevada park offers a feast of fiery visuals.

  • Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

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      Hitachi seaside park in Japan is known for immaculate seasonal flower gardens, and come fall is painted pure red with thousands of red flower bushes throughout the entire park.

  • Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

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      A shallow saltwater lake located in Bolivia, Laguna Colorada has a mesmerizing landscape, with smoking volcanoes, endless sprawling desert, and ephemeral red-tinted waters.

  • Red Fort in New Delhi, India

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      This historic Dehli location previously was home to emperors of the past, and to this day remains towering and boastful with pigmented red sandstone blocks reflecting warm shades year-round.

  • 红海滩, China

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      The red beach of China stays true to its name, featuring endless naturally vibrant hues of auburn suaeda salsa plants. This breathtaking spot is located in the largest wetland of the world, complete with shallow seas and tidelands in its unique landscape.

  • Lake Natron

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      Lake Natron is a striking red-colored lake located in Tanzania, known for its distinctive bright red hue which comes from its high concentration of salt and minerals. The lake is home to a variety of resident birds, including flamingos, and is surrounded by red-colored volcanic hills, providing breathtaking views for visitors. The lake's unique beauty makes it a popular destination for photographers, bird lovers, and adventure seekers alike.