Orange Colored Places Around the World

Seeker Editors

Get lost in vibrant tangerine hues across the world, with these dynamic orange-colored destinations.

Wadi Rum Village, Deadvlei, Dubrovnik, Arches National Park, Fushimi Inari Taisha, Merzouga, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve, Stowe, Erg Chebbi, Antelope Canyon

  • Wadi Rum Village, Jordan

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      A village tucked into the heart of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, Wadi Rum village is sure to satisfy your color needs with plentiful picturesque orange deserty hues. Complete with temple ruins and geometric rock formations, this sandy destination is perfect for those seeking to embrace fiery colors and adventure.

  • Deadvlei in Sossusvlei, Namibia

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      Deadvlei is a clay pan located in Namibia. Resembling a Dali surrealist painting come to life, this unique destination features dark skeleton-like trees against a sandy orange and creamy backdrop.

  • Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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      This coastal city in south Croatia features unique architecture with iconic orange-colored roofs. Along with the seaside village lifestyle and friendly community, Dubrovnik is sure to delight your eyes and warm your spirits.

  • Arches National Park, United States

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      Featuring over 200 natural stone arches, Arches offers an otherworldly landscape in cool orange shades beneath the Utah sunshine. We recommend visiting around sunset to experience a breathtaking and color-stained horizon against the stone sculptures.

  • Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto, Japan

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      Fushimi Inari Taisha is a famous Shinto shrine situated in Kyoto, Japan, and is widely recognized for its vibrant orange torii gates. This place is adorned with thousands of these gates, which create a mesmerizing trail leading up to the mountain of Inari. Visitors can walk through the orange tunnel and explore the surrounding forests, which are breathtakingly beautiful, particularly during autumn when the leaves change to golden shades of orange.

  • Merzouga, Morocco

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      This small town in Morocco is surrounded by endless sandy dunes swept into dynamic and picturesque forms. A true feast of vibrant orange hues, this beautiful and friendly destination will soak you in warm sunlight and Instagram-worthy scenery.

  • Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve, United States

    Image of Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve on Seeker
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      Every spring, this protected reserve blooms in full with thousands of tangerine-colored poppies. Walk for hours amongst vibrant oranges at this beautiful destination.

  • Stowe, United States

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      This picturesque town in northern Vermont comes alive in the fall beneath gorgeous fall foliage lighting up in fiery shades of orange.

  • Erg Chebbi, Morocco

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      Erg Chebbi is one of the largest seas of dunes in Morrocco, made up of windswept sand in mesmerizing shades of bright orange.

  • Antelope Canyon, United States

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      Antelope Canyon is a breathtaking slot canyon in Arizona that showcases stunning orange hues on its walls, created by millions of years of wind and water erosion. The stunning colors shift and change as the light filters down from above, making for a truly unique and memorable experience for visitors. Orange-colored places don't get much more spectacular than Antelope Canyon!