No-Quarantine Travel Destinations For Fully Vaccinated People

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Here is a sneak peek into the future, with some of the recently opened, and opening destinations for the fully vaccinated. Make sure to check in and see what current regulations are taking place anywhere you intend to travel, as different vaccines and rules apply to each destination. It’s a big step forward, traveling to Europe in 2021 or 2022, engaging safely with other cultures from around the world, continuing your adventures in a safer world. These are some of the places on the top of our to-do list, as we dust off our passports and start rigorously planning island getaways to The Bahamas and castle tours in Germany. Bon Voyage!

Germany, Spain, Greece, Denmark, The Bahamas, England, France, Canada

  • Germany

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      With plentiful culture, dreamlike nature, and artsy cities, Germany is a destination that is open to fully vaccinated travelers. Walk the mystical forests that inspired fairy tales, tour medieval castles, and munch on fresh pretzels while strolling Berlin streets. A destination with a lengthy history and magical experiences around every corner, it's no secret Germany is one of the coolest European travel destinations.

  • Spain

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      Since June, Spain has been welcoming fully vaccinated travelers to its brightly colored, vibrant cities and scenic countryside. Enjoy strolling along the shore, fresh tapas in the night, and some of the most culturally significant architecture, art, and design in the world. The streets of Spain are some of the most animated in the world, with every corner revealing a new sense of wonder. A perfect destination year-round, consider Spain for your next European holiday.

  • Greece

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      With seaside adventure, fresh cuisine, ancient monuments, and island getaways, Greece is a charming Mediterranean destination that is open for fully vaccinated tourists. Spend peaceful days amongst white painted abodes, hike island cliffs, and indulge in Mediterranean dishes while embracing the endless summer sunlight.

  • Denmark

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      Denmark welcomes fully vaccinated travelers to enjoy the scenic views of pastel-colored houses, cobbled stone pathways, and breathable cool air beneath a summer sun. Explore the quaint countryside towns for local bakeries, or watch reflections dance against the shimmering canals of Copenhagen.

  • The Bahamas

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      Fully vaccinated travelers are welcome to apply for a Bahamas health visa and make their way to The Bahamas. Enjoy a fairytale island vacation, complete with shimmering turquoise waters in every direction, soft sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, and outdoorsy adventure opportunities.

  • England, England

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      If you are fully vaccinated and interested in visiting London or the British countryside- you are in luck. Drive through the quaint countryside, visit iconic beach towns, and walk the historic streets of London (or ride double-decker style). Feast on a British fry up, cream tea, or a good old bucket of fish n’ chips at the local pub. Okay, stereotypes aside, the UK is an enchanting destination that is brimming with magic to uncover, friendly people, and tasty bites.

  • France

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      Fully vaccinated travelers are already welcome in the romantic and scenic country of France. Whether you want to embrace an artistic city experience in Paris, or travel south and explore endless fields of lavender, France is bursting with cultural experiences to last a lifetime. With some of the world's finest food, most iconic architecture, and gorgeous scenery- your dream European holiday isn’t as unattainable as you might imagine.

  • Canada

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      After a long border closure, Canada is gearing up to welcome fully vaccinated tourists back in mid-August. A vast and beautiful country that features varying landscapes, from icy tundra to lush forests, and everything in between. Spend a week living the city life in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, and take an hour trip away to embrace nature. National Parks, sparkling cities, picturesque train rides, and *plenty* of ketchup chips- Canada awaits!