Newly Reopened International Destinations

Seeker Editors

More and more countries are opening up this year, and we are ready with passports in hand! Be sure to check the requirements beforehand, but consider these gorgeous destinations for your summer getaway. Enjoy blissful paradise in Bali, lay down in fresh grass in Norway beneath a midnight sun, or dance the night away in artsy Melbourne. As tourism comes back, these destinations are ready and waiting- let's book those flights!

Bali, South Korea, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, Norway, Philippines, Australia

  • Bali, Indonesia

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      One of the few regions of Indonesia that are opening up, Bali is back! The definition of paradise, Bali is the go-to spot for fresh fruits, beachside living, and endless island adventure. A perfect escape to whisk your sweetie away on a romantic getaway or head out with your friends to celebrate- or maybe just some solo r&r.

  • South Korea

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      While Korea has always been open to foreign travel- as of April 1st quarantine is gone for entering vaccinated travelers. Plan your next summer vacation touring the bustling streets of Seoul, hiking up Achasan to witness traditional architecture and fresh air, or taking a trip to Jeju for an island vacation. South Korea is full of excitement, history, culture, and some of the most comforting food on the planet.

  • Slovenia

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      Slovenia, like Norway, is open now for travelers regardless of vaccination status and with no other requirements. A gorgeous oasis of green, Slovenia is a dreamy European holiday just perfect enough to brighten any month. Enjoy delicious food, make friends that last a lifetime, and breathe in the fresh air of Slovenia on your international excursion.

  • Papua New Guinea

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      Papua New Guinea is the place to go for shimmering turquoise water, lush greenery, picturesque beaches, and diverse culture- and it is finally time to head there for vaccinated travelers. Hike volcanic landscapes, scuba dive amongst colorful fish, and more.

  • Norway

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      While you have been able to head to Norway for a minute- we have some incredible news, Norway officially has no special requirements for entry as of February 12th. We are so ready to enjoy the neverending sunlight of a Scandanavian summer- otherwordly scenery, fresh fish, and evenings sampling handcrafted frozen yogurt on a rocky coastline and all.

  • Philippines

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      While there are some requirements to add to a pre-travel checklist- the Philippines is opening up for vaccinated travelers. Get ready to feast on juicy mango and mouthwatering street food, while exploring one of the most gorgeous countries on the planet. Whether you plan to embrace city life and head to Manila or explore world heritage sights and stunning nature- The Philippines is an easy choice for a memorable getaway.

  • Australia

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      We are so ready to head back down under and experience sunny Australia. From the endless open space full of untouched nature, pristine coastlines, and rolling fields to the sparkling cities full of arts and culture- there is nothing quite like an Australian getaway. There are some health requirements to travel to Australia, and we will do what it takes to see some cute koalas again in 2022.