Must Visit Cities For Foodies

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The things we will do for food, wait in line for an hour, or travel thousands of miles - these destinations are the *top* of the top for serving up unforgettable culinary experiences that will be enough motivation to book a plane ticket. The cuisine is truly the beating heart of a city, sampling authentic dishes allows visitors to taste and understand both the culture and way of local life. Whether you want to munch on savory, fried street food in Osaka or dine at a romantic bistro in Paris, these foodie destinations are sure to make your mouth water.

Florence, Oaxaca, Singapore, Paris, New Orleans, New York, Osaka, Montreal, Tokyo

  • Florence, Italy

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      Freshly cooked pasta in delicious, rich sauces paired with fettunta, the original garlic bread, any visitor to Florence is sure to experience some of the world’s most amazing food without even trying. From delicious Italian pastries to Mediterranean-influenced fresh dishes, Florence encompasses all of the mesmerizing, comforting food that made us fall in love with traveling for cuisine in the first place.

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

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      With plentiful street foods to sample and mouth-watering Mexican food around every corner, Oaxaca needs to be on any foodie’s bucket list. Enjoy rich, flavorful dishes, fresh cheese, and Oaxaca’s famous tamales every day you spend at this paradise destination.

  • Singapore

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      Singapore is renowned throughout Asia for featuring some of the most delicious food at the intersection of culture. With a combination of Chinese, Malaysian, and British influence, Singapore serves up unique dishes to satisfy any palette. From classic street food in bustling markets to high-end culinary experiences, Singapore cuisine is sure to keep foodies busy and satisfied.

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      It is no secret that Paris is an amazing foodie destination, every picturesque lane in the spiral city is lined with world-class restaurants, cafes, and patisseries. Enjoy crispy, freshly baked croissants every morning and tour the endless French restaurants throughout the day.

  • New Orleans, United States

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      New Orleans is one of the most spectacular and vibrant cities across the USA, and the food matches perfectly. Taste freshly cooked beignets and indulge in southern comfort food, from creole cuisine to soul food, with a touch of traditional french cooking, New Orleans encompasses an eclectic mixture of culture that results in some of the most delectable and unique dishes across the world.

  • New York, United States

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      New York Pizza, New York Bagels, New York Cheesecake- and the list can go on. NYC is the ultimate American melting pot of cultures that has resulted in the city birthing some of the most insanely mouthwatering cuisines in the world. Wake up and sample a delicious bagel from the deli at the corner, and enjoy your evening at one of the most famous restaurants eating a five-star meal in Manhattan- the experiences are endless and versatile.

  • Osaka in Osaka, Japan

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      While Tokyo has some truly glitzy culinary experiences, Osaka takes the cake on the best Japanese food in the world. Osaka has long been the birthplace of some of Japan’s most iconic comfort food, including Okonomiyaki and Yakiniku, as well as housing plenty of historically significant foodie destinations. Anyone who loves Japanese food, or just mouth-watering street food, in general, is sure to fall in love with this bustling, adventurous destination.

  • Montreal in Montreal, Canada

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      Montreal takes gastronomy extremely seriously, home of fresh buttery bagels and uber greasy poutine- Montreal serves up comfort food in the best way possible. Along with endless amounts of delectable late-night snacks, Montreal has an incredibly diverse population that results in every cuisine imaginable being accessible in the city, along with plenty of high-quality French cooking that has stunned some of the most famous chefs across the globe.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      And with the most Michelin star restaurants of any city in the world, Tokyo is a solidified *must* for food lovers across the globe. Even if sushi isn’t your thing, Tokyo has no limit to world-class culinary experiences from every country and plenty of delicious sushi and Japanese food at that. No city can quite compare to Tokyo, which has incredibly high standards that even cheap ramen joints have been designated as Michelin-level achievements.