Most Beautiful Train Destinations Around The World

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The old-timey romance and mysterious vibe of train travel is alive and well at these unique destinations across the globe. From the luxurious Palace on Wheels running through the vast landscapes of India to the high-speed bullet train zipping across the Japanese countryside, this list is for your inner child seeking a railroad adventure. All aboard seekers, we found our new favorite way of exploring, here are our favorite train destinations for your scenic wandering.

Christchurch, Oslo, Osaka, New Delhi, Grand Canyon, Metropolitan City of Venice, Ulaanbaatar

  • Christchurch in Christchurch, New Zealand

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      This gorgeous New Zealand city also marks the beginning of New Zealand's TranzAlpine railway. New Zealand has plentiful options for picturesque train rides throughout the country but the TranzAlpine stands out with snow-topped southern alps and sprawling picture-perfect landscapes. Sample the tasty buffet cart and witness firsthand New Zealand's incredible scenery.

  • Oslo in Oslo, Norway

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      Starting at Oslo, travel amongst snowy landscapes and mountainous terrain with one of Europe's most exciting and awe-inspiring train journeys. The famous Oslo to Bergen route along the Bergen line carries you through mountains, alongside glaciers, across colorful villages, and over glistening bodies of water. With each season adding a sense of uniqueness to the route, from gorgeous summer greens to icy winter landscapes, it's always an adventure to embark on this nordic railway.

  • Osaka in Osaka, Japan

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      Embark on an adventure from Osaka to Tokyo with the assistance of Japan's famous high-speed bullet train, the Shinkansen. The views of the Japanese countryside and the picturesque image of Mt. Fuji passing by along the way contribute to the popularity of this iconic train line. At the station in Osaka, there are plenty of options for tasty "Bento" lunch boxes packed with tasty Japanese cuisine, bringing one for the ride is considered a traditional part of the Shinkansen experience. So make sure to pick the best-looking lunch and enjoy one of Japan's most exciting experiences.

  • New Delhi in New Delhi, India

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      Train travel is a captivating method of experiencing India, with plentiful options throughout the entire country there are seemingly endless and affordable opportunities to pass by picturesque landscapes via railway. Our recommendation of New Delhi railroads is the fantastical "Palace on Wheels", a pioneering luxury railway that starts in New Delhi and continues along iconic landmarks and across gorgeous scenery. A truly enchanting experience, with elaborate decor, delicious cuisine, and private chambers.

  • Grand Canyon, United States

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      Make your way along an old-timey heritage railroad in the heart of one of the most iconic landmarks of all time. The Grand Canyon Railroad takes off from Williams, Arizona, and travels America's most famous natural phenomenon. A nostalgic route that remains authentic in its origin since 1901, this train features vast scenery, comfortable seating, and some of the most iconic views of The Grand Canyon.

  • Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

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      Step into a portal of travels past on the renowned Venice-Simplon-Orient Express, and make your way along the picturesque route between the sparkling city of bridges to London. This is one of the most luxurious train experiences in the world, emulating old romance and mystery with mahogany panels, and vintage styling. Bask in the timeless landscape of European fields, mountains, tunnels, and cities from your private compartment on this ritzy old-fashioned train.

  • Ulaanbaatar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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      Ulaanbaatar marks the beginning of the renowned Trans-Mongolian Express. This is the dreamy final route of the Trans-Siberian railway that traverses across the entire country of Russia and into China. This leg of the journey features the most picturesque scenery and breathtaking train side views that are more than bucket-list-worthy. Watch as the diverse landscapes of three nations unfold, from the sprawling steppes of Mongolia to glistening Beijing- with plenty of exciting and gorgeous landscapes to enjoy along the way