Most Adventurous National Parks Around The World

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If you are an adrenaline junkie look no further, we have selected some of the most *iconic*, adventurous national parks around the entire world so that you can start planning your next exploration. Whether you want to raft through rushing rivers, hike dramatic peaks, or witness incredible wildlife, check out these famous destinations for some major adventuring inspo.

Sierra Nevada National Park, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Masada National Park, Mole National Park, Kruger National Park, Channel Islands National Park, Bobotov Kuk

  • Sierra Nevada National Park in Sierra Nevada, Spain

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      Rock climbing, hiking, paragliding, and much more- Sierra Nevada National Park is a vast, sprawling terrain that is full of opportunities for adventure. There is something for everyone at this iconic destination, whether your thing is hiking up rugged peaks or skiing frozen slopes, Sierra Nevada is a year-round adventurer paradise.

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

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      A scenic area of picturesque cascades and green plant life, Plitvice Lakes National Parks is also an ideal spot for exciting outdoorsy action. Kayak alongside stunning waterfalls, and hike flourishing terrain.

  • Masada National Park, Israel

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      Masada resides amongst an ancient fortress in Israel, a truly fascinating and historically rich destination that is ripe for exploration and yes- adventure. Explore sprawling ancient architecture, sandy terrain, and plenty of outdoorsy activities at this once-in-a-lifetime destination.

  • Mole National Park, Ghana

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      This gorgeous park is full of outdoorsy activities, wildlife, and exploration opportunities to satisfy any seeker out there. Raft through rugged waters, hike ancient trails, and witness amazing African wildlife. A once in a lifetime experience, Mole National Park will keep visitors engaged, busy and active.

  • Kruger National Park, South Africa

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      Featuring an abundance of adventure activities to try, including extensive safari explorations, Kruger National Park is a South African treasure that is a *must* for any exploration lovers out there. Watch nature unfold before your own eyes, and witness majestic animals in their natural habitat at this fascinating destination. You are sure to see elephants, monkeys, and more.

  • Channel Islands National Park in Ventura, United States

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      Channel Islands National Park has something for everyone, whether you want to explore mysterious water caves, go river rafting, or hike rugged coastlines- this destination is steeping in adventure.

  • Bobotov Kuk, Montenegro

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      Hiking Montenegro’s highest peak, Bobotuv Kuk, is a must for any gutsy adventurers that are looking for something extraordinary to climb and explore. Reaching over 8000 feet into the misty skies above, this iconic mountain mesmerizes and challenges hikers from across the globe every day.