Lesser Known Summer Destinations

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These fairytale-like destinations around the globe have all the ingredients for a fabulous summer getaway. Fantastic beaches? Check. Shimmering shores? Check. Culture, Cuisine, and adventure? And check, check check! Some we discovered by accident, some are the best-kept secrets of the travel community, and all are idyllic spots for a bubbly summer away from the backyard pool. Whether you dream of hiking quaint mountains dusted with wildflowers in Europe or relaxing beachside on a remote island- consider these hidden gems for your next adventure.

Cornwall, Bazaruto Island, Hvar, Busan, Tatra Mountains, Andaman Islands, Parga

  • Cornwall, England

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      Alongside the rocky English coastline, Cornwall gleams with pristine landscapes, old pubs, beaches, and seaside towns. Perfect for an idyllic British summer getaway, have outdoorsy adventurers amongst the sprawling green landscape, explore sunny beaches, and tour authentic fishing villages. Complete with seagulls overhead and plenty of roadside shops to stock up on sweets and ice cream, Cornwall is fun for the entire family.

  • Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

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      Located within the Bazaruto archipelago, Bazaruto Island is a paradise destination made up of white sandy beaches, and sparkling blue waters. Unspoiled luxury and natural beauty glisten behind every lush corner of this picture-perfect destination. An ideal destination for travelers looking to soak in idyllic temperatures and top-quality experiences, or just those seeking to engage in culture and adventure the vast marine parks and natural sprawl of the island.

  • Hvar, Croatia

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      In Hvar you can feel the history within every effervescent road of the city- this ancient destination is overflowing into the Adriatic Sea with culture and adventure. Witness breathtaking architecture, stroll along picturesque shorelines, and soak up the sunny climate at an island that resembles a fairytale come to life.

  • Busan, South Korea

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      If you are looking to visit the eclectic, neon city of Seoul, but want to avoid tourists from around the globe- consider exploring the bustling, port city of Busan. One of the largest cities in South Korea, Busan is sure to keep all visitors busy with exciting activities and satisfied with mouth-watering street food that can be found around every corner. Visit the sandy coastline, tour ancient temples, hike impressive mountains, and indulge in some of the tastiest Korean cooking in the country at this hidden gem metropolis that truly holds its own against the capital.

  • Tatra Mountains

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      For breathtaking views and adventurous hiking trails, look no further than the stunning Polish Tatra Mountains. These rugged mountains are perfect for hikers and outdoorsy travelers who are looking to challenge themselves and explore the vast eastern European countryside. With grassy pools decorated with colorful wildflowers, quaint villages and glistening bodies of water- these sometimes overlooked mountains make for an exciting getaway.

  • Andaman Islands, India

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      The Andaman Islands are a dreamlike collection of sandy shores surrounded by the Bengal Bay off of India. If you are searching for your next island vacation away from the usual resorts, this destination is steeped in rich history and culture to discover. With plenty to see and explore, The Andaman Islands are ideal for any adventurers looking to expand their horizons amongst fascinating natural landscapes and relax beach-side with savory street food and a cool drink.

  • Parga, Greece

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      This picturesque destination is for those seeking a Grecian vacation away from islands and cities shrouded with tourists to a quaint coastal, pastel-colored village. Enjoy days indulging in relaxation or fill up an itinerary of exploration, as this town has something for every type of traveler. A fairytale-like spot resting along the shimmering Ionian Sea, Parga is an alternative Greek getaway that is romantic and charming.