Lesser Known National Parks Around The World

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If you are looking for something new this year to provide excitement, wilderness, and adventure to your travel plans- here are our top picks of the best, lesser-known, national parks from around the world. No matter if you are in Africa, Australia, or North America, if you are seeking mountain climbing or prefer trailing through shimmering rainforests of unique creatures and flowers, we have found the spot for you. Explore these hidden gem destinations that provide all the wonder and beauty, without the crowds.

Kosciuszko National Park, Pukaskwa National Park, Terra Nova National Park, Kobuk Valley National Park, Virgin Islands National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada, Wadi Rum Protected Area, Piedras Blancas National Park

  • Kosciuszko National Park, Australia

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      Kosciuszko National Park houses the highest peak in Australia, and while a well-known spot is less visited by alternate protected areas of the country. Explore snowy mountains ready for exciting snow activities, explore mysterious caves, and rest along the coast of sprawling, sparkling lakes.

  • Pukaskwa National Park, Canada

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      The lengthy coastal hiking trail of Pukawska National Park in Ontario is a must for any adventure-seekers out there. With miles of boreal forests, rare and captivating wildlife, and clear lake waters- Pukawska is an often overlooked treasure, ideal for hikers and camping enthusiasts.

  • Terra Nova National Park, Canada

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      Terra Nova National Park is a sprawling wilderness found in Newfoundland and Labrador, full of paved trails along with extensive forests. This park is famous for whales that lurk along rugged coastlines, clear waters to kayak in, and flourishing natural beauty.

  • Kobuk Valley National Park, United States

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      Kobuk Valley National Park is an arctic area located in Alaska, the park is famous for sand dunes, a wild river, and caribou that call the vast wilderness their home. Traverse along breathtaking trails, breathe in the cool arctic air and witness breathtaking scenery at this spectacular National Park.

  • Virgin Islands National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands

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      Beautiful sandy beaches along sparkling aquamarine-colored waters, the Virgin Islands National Park is a hidden gem of paradise experiences, fascinating marine life, and swaying palm trees. Sleepover and witness a clear sky of sparkling stars, wake up to spend your days touring the islands and snorkeling in crystal clear ocean water.

  • Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada, Canada

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      Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada is one of the largest nationally preserved areas in the country, full of friendly animals, vast wilderness, and picturesque views. Tour exciting trails alongside forests and plains and witness bisons roaming meadows speckled with colorful wildflowers.

  • Wadi Rum Protected Area, Jordan

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      Located near the southern part of Jordan, Wadi Rum Protected Area is a sprawling desert landscape. A UNESCO world heritage site, this fiery red sandstone destination contains rock paintings and scriptures that trace back to ancient times. Witness spectacular valleys, rivers, mountains alongside rich culture and history at this iconic desert destination.

  • Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica

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      Piedras Blancas National park is a treasure of Costa Rica, full of lush green rainforests, sparkling seas, and rare biodiversity. This remote destination is full of walkable trails that coincide amongst shimmering exotic plants, and magnificent toucan birds. Immerse yourself in the rich tropical climate of this sunny, gorgeous destination.