Last 10 Cities That Hosted The Summer Olympics

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We took a little trip down memory lane and *virtually* visited the 10 most recent Summer Olympic Games host cities. Check out how each city celebrated the occasion, and consider adding these exciting destinations to your bucket list. The Olympics have long been an international celebration dedicated to promoting travel and connection between countries far and wide, and with the current games underway, get in the spirit and let's take a look at these iconic, historical destinations.

Los Angeles, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo

  • Los Angeles, United States

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      The LA 1984 games were a triumphant occasion that paved a pathway for all future summer Olympic games. LA is a city rich in history and culture, that has a vibrant population and plenty of tasty eats, exciting sights, and stunning views. Plenty traveled from around the world to experience the glamor and effervescence uniquely offered by the eclectic neighborhoods of LA, while some of the most influential Olympic games took place in modern history.

  • Seoul, South Korea

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      Seoul held the second summer games in Asia, a memorable occasion that brought the stunning city into the international eye. Featuring iconic moments in Olympic history, a chance for spectators around the world to discover the wonder of South Korea that remains a beloved destination worldwide, and proof that any obstacle can be overcome- Seoul 1988 was an awe-inspiring occasion that lives on in every summer Olympics to date.

  • Barcelona, Spain

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      With colorful cobblestone streets and festivities all around- Barcelona hosted one of the most eclectic and successful games in history. With a duet by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caball, an American basketball “Dream Team”, and the first integrated team from South Africa after the end of apartheid- it’s safe to say Barcelona 1996 was a memorable one.

  • Atlanta, United States

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      Atlanta hosted one of the most elaborate Olympic games in 1996, with iconic moments to boot, and a street fair atmosphere complete with rides and mouth-watering street food.

  • Sydney, Australia

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      Y2K came in with a blast of festivities, fireworks and excitement at the long-awaited Sydney Summer Olympic Games. The world tuned in ‘Down Under’ to watch as the athletes performed in the cool southern hemisphere winter, bathing in balmy sunlight. Gaining acclaim across the map, these games were one of the most unforgettable, resulting in Sydney now being one of the top travel destinations across the world.

  • Athens in Athens, Greece

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      Hailed as “unforgettable dream games” by the IOC director, the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens left the city with improved infrastructure and memories to last a lifetime. The historical birthplace of the Olympic games, it is only fitting that the ancient city of Athens host the games. Whether you love delicious cuisine, iconic architecture, history, or culture- Athens city has everything to keep all travelers for the games thoroughly entertained and satisfied.

  • Beijing in Beijing, China

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      Beijing blew spectators away, from in-person visitors to families in their living rooms miles away, with a fantastic display of talent and culture through the iconic opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. One of the most talked-about Olympics in recent history, the sparkling city of Beijing was a fit choice for truly memorable summer games.

  • London in London, England

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      London overcame any perceived obstacles and held a spectacular summer Olympics in 2012. The metropolis of London is steeped in culture along every winding road and on top of every double decker bus. Spectators traveled from across the world to enjoy the exciting games and embrace the colorful fabric of the city.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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      The 2016 Summer Olympics took place in the sparkling, vibrant city of Rio, Brazil. With gentle sunshine overlooking the athletes, stunning beach-side venues, loud festivities, and a mysteriously green pool (?)- this Olympics had it all. With all the electricity and love in the air that you would expect from such a welcoming and celebratory destination- Rio reigned it in with one of the most spectacular, party-central Olympics to date.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      Tokyo 2020 is an Olympics that definitely came with some…. Unprecedented circumstances, considering the games are actually taking place in 2021. Held in Tokyo, Japan surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the electric city, this Olympics has no tourism coming from outside of Japan due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We are living vicariously through daydreaming about Japan’s summer festivals, firework displays, and endlessly sunny & hot Tokyo summer days. Tokyo is one of our favorite travel destinations and we are already making plans for a safer future. Grab an ice-cold ramune soda and tune in online this year as the Olympics continue ahead- sans spectators- in Tokyo city.