Incredible Playgrounds Around The World That Were Designed By Artists

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Artists have long been fascinated with how their work could be interacted with, and nothing gets quite as much interaction as a jungle gym. These abstract pieces are some of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing playgrounds in the world (whether the artist intended it as that or not). From the dynamic playscapes of Noguchi to the glistening climbing wall of Székely, these artworks are multifunctional- and an excellent way to keep your children occupied while you enjoy some art.

Kröller-Müller Museum, Évry-Courcouronnes, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, San Gabriel, Richard J. Daley Center, Humlegården, Piedmont Park

  • Kröller-Müller Museum, Netherlands

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      This ethereal landscape is made up of an interactive sculpture, painted in contrasting white and black. Often the site of children running around, Debuffent was able to form an artificial garden of exploration. Jardin D'Email can be found at The Netherland's Kroller-Muller Sculpture Garden.

  • Évry-Courcouronnes, France

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      Hungarian artist Szekely was commissioned in 1975 to build a climbing wall in Evry, a small city on the outskirts of Paris. La Dame Du Lac was inspired by the famed boulders of Fontainebleu, evolving into a surrealist structure surrounded by sprawling green.

  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England

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      The famed Yorkshire Sculpture Park is full of dynamic creations just waiting to inspire our imaginations. Featuring towering geometric structures, abstract artist Caro's work is fun to explore, or play some impromptu hide and seek with.

  • San Gabriel, United States

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      Full of bright colorful creatures by the Mexican artist Benjamin Dominguez, this park is one of the few remaining ways to access his collection of work. Located within the outskirts of LA, children are free to wander amongst both real and imagined creatures of the ocean.

  • Richard J. Daley Center in Chicago, United States

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      This one was supposed to be a pubic art structure by Picasso, but its chunky pieces, playful forms, and welcoming aura have done nothing but attract children to utilize the Chicago artwork as an impromptu jungle gym.

  • Humlegården, Sweden

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      Humlegarden is an interactive art piece that also serves as an obscure jungle gym, created by Danish sculptor Moller-Nielson. The work is said to reflect the initiative of improving quality of life, and its biomorphic structure was sad to be revolutionary at its time.

  • Piedmont Park in Atlanta, United States

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      The aesthetic and functionality features of Isamu Noguchi's playscapes of Atlanta's sprawling Piedmont Park are one of a kind. As the only playground designed by Noguchi, Piedmont Park features a mixture of colorful metal and concrete pieces designed to inspire movement, creativity, and exploration.