Incredible Places In The US That You Haven't Heard Of Yet

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We love looking for hidden gems everywhere we travel, and with a massive country like the United States, there is almost no shortage of excellent finds- and these are just our top six! Enjoy exploring icy tundra, clear lakes, and sprawling Tuscan-Esque hills with these breathtaking destinations across the map. From ancient cities in the desert to European villages along the coast, these are our favorite off-the-beaten-path destinations in the US- that you probably haven't heard of yet!

Solvang, Taos Pueblo, Mendenhall Glacier, Leavenworth, Lower Blue Lake, Palouse

  • Solvang, United States

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      This quaint Californian village brings the magic of Europe to the west coast, a small community that embraces Danish cuisine, culture, and architecture. Stroll through its picturesque roadways beneath the golden Cali sunshine- an excellent day trip spot for any west coast adventure.

  • Taos Pueblo, United States

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      Taos Pueblo is an ancient pueblo belonging to Native Americans- the pueblo is currently closed for safety precautions, however, the rich history and preservation of culture make it a bucket-list-worthy destination. Experience the beauty of Native American culture, and witness some of the oldest architecture in the country, complete with stunning desert views and a friendly atmosphere.

  • Mendenhall Glacier, United States

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      Extending from the legendary Juneau fields, the Mendenhall glacier is an entirely remote icy glacial enclave that glistens in the fresh Alaskan air. This massive glacier is one of Alaska's most unique destinations- both visually and geologically significant. The Mendenhall glacier has since been a spot for unique open-air exhibition space, and incredible on-site tours- so be sure to include this on your list.

  • Leavenworth in Washington, United States

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      Tucked away in the Cascade mountains of Washington state, an entire alpine village rests overlooking the untouched beauty of the state. Leavenworth is a Bavarian-style enclave serving German cuisine and beer, with picturesque European-influenced architecture and atmosphere. Take a trip to Europe, not too far from home, at this quaint getaway destination.

  • Lower Blue Lake in Telluride, United States

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      Nothing quite like shimmering blue waters on a day of outdoor exploration in the wilderness, Blue Lake Colorado is a turquoise gem amongst forest green. With some of the most pristine shorelines in the country, and surrounded by excellent hiking opportunities- we highly recommend this spot to any adventurous, nature-loving seekers looking for something new.

  • Palouse in Washington, United States

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      Known as the "Tuscany of America," Palouse encompasses soft rolling hills of green that span across a vast landscape, resting on the Washington-Idaho border. The Palouse draws in photographers, hikers, nature lovers, and travel fans to its forest green sprawl, a hidden paradise that is picture-perfect.