Horror Movie Locations You Can Visit IRL

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Looking to spend a day surrounded by spooky mist at the edge of an ocean, touring unsuspecting suburban towns, or spending the light at a luxury gothic mansion in the English countryside? One thing these destinations all have in common is being the backdrop for some truly bone-chilling storytelling. Whether you are into cult classics or movie masterpieces (or both), these spooky destinations across the world are in some of your all-time favorite horror films. Let’s take a trip around the globe and get in the mood for Halloween at these IRL scary movie destinations.

Crystal Lake Diner, Port Hope Town Hall, Piazza della Signoria, Point Reyes Lighthouse, Oakley Court, Timberline Lodge and Ski Area, Elm Street House

  • Crystal Lake Diner, United States

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      “Friday The 13th” is easily one of the most well-known horror flicks, and this iconic diner is still standing after all that scariness. Enjoy an authentic American comfort meal at this retro spot, while staying safe from the infamous Jason. A tourist destination for true scary-movie fans and foodies alike the Crystal Lake Diner is a vintage greasy spoon joint that’s always serving.

  • Port Hope Town Hall, Canada

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      An unsuspecting red building in Ontario, the Port Hope Townhall manages to attract horror fans from across the globe to take a peek at one of the major filming locations for “It.” Terrifying clowns aside, this picturesque Canadian destination is located amongst well-kept lawns, local boutiques, and restaurants to sample- an excellent weekend getaway.

  • Piazza della Signoria, Italy

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      A spectacular Italian travel destination and a filming location for one of the darkest tales of cannibalism- what more could you want from a European holiday? Jokes aside, Ridley Scott’s “Hannibal” is one that's hard to shake from memory, and a Halloween cult classic. Entrench yourself in historical gothic architecture, delicious pasta, cutting edge more, and deeply ingrained culture.

  • Point Reyes Lighthouse, United States

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      Point Reyes Lighthouse is a famous destination known for iconic seaside views, and fresh Californian air- but many will recognize the spot for its role in the cult horror film, “The Fog”. If you visit early in the morning perhaps you can catch a glimpse of the ominous sight drenched in a layer of heavy nor-Cal mist.

  • Oakley Court, England

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      The cult classic whirlwind of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" would be nothing without the garish halls of Oakley Court. A fantastical English getaway that is seeped in luxury, suited for a mad doctor, major fans, and anyone looking for an elegant resort holiday. Oakley Court is a Victorian Gothic Mansion located in Windsor, made up of sprawling country, fanciful chambers, and world-class cuisine.

  • Timberline Lodge and Ski Area, United States

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      A luxury destination just an hour away from Portland that has decorated nightmares from around the world after its cameo in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. Epic chase scenes, hallucinations, and frightening happenings aside, this mountain lodge is an excellent vacation spot for outdoorsy adventurers and horror fanatics alike.

  • Elm Street House in Los Angeles, United States

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      The Elm Street House looks like an ordinary suburban living space- however, this otherwise unsuspecting property is actually a destination of nightmares *wink*. The cult classic horror movie that spooked the nation- "Nightmare On Elm Street" was filmed at this picturesque white-painted spot. Catch a glimpse of this haunted destination on your next LA getaway.