Fitness Getaways Around The World

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Whatever your definition of wellness, boot camps along sandy beaches or spa retreats, and Vinyasa yoga sun salutations, we have put together a list of some of our personal favorite fitness destinations. Explore the pristine wilderness, embrace a destination adventure extravaganza, partake in surfing getaways, and more with these popular fitness and wellness retreats. Nourish your mind body and soul, and let’s get seeking.

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, eXtreme Fitness Camps, Pritikin, Red Mountain Resort, SurfYogaBeer, Active Escape, Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa

  • Aro Ha Wellness Retreat in Glenorchy, New Zealand

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      Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is an all-inclusive resort located in the southern alps that combines tried and tested wellness techniques with luxury and comfort. Wake up to morning yoga, enjoy curated cuisine, explore the gorgeous wilderness, and witness life-changing scenery. Whatever your cup of tea, hiking gorgeous landscapes, or unwinding in a lavish spa, Aro Ha will deliver.

  • eXtreme Fitness Camps in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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      Bootcamp under the sun, the Dominican Republic’s popular Extreme Fitness Camps encompasses probably everything you imagine when you think fitness getaways. Explore one of the most gorgeous and vibrant destinations in the world and get that cardio in too!

  • Pritikin in Miami, United States

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      An All-inclusive health resort tucked away in the paradise of Miami, visitors can target health concerns and receive guided advice, cuisine, and activities to help them reach their goals. Pritkin strives to leave visitors healthier and happier than when they entered, a true luxury detox destination.

  • Red Mountain Resort, United States

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      A serene getaway located along Snow Canyon State Park, Red Mountain Resort offers tranquility and wellness, along with opportunities to explore the vast nature in its perimeter. Enjoy photography, horse riding, rock climbing, kayaking, and an expansive spa to name just a few of the refreshing amenities at this picturesque location.

  • SurfYogaBeer in New York, United States

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      Surf. Yoga. Beer. Honestly, what more could you want in a luxury fitness retreat? Surf along sand dunes indulge in boating retreats, events, island yoga getaways, and more from one of the top fitness retreat planners in the game. We highly recommend this one for couples looking to add a healthy dose of adrenaline and a touch of tranquility to their next life-changing adventure.

  • Active Escape, England

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      Located in the breezy countryside of the UK, Active Escape is a slightly scarily named but incredibly worthwhile and fun adventure retreat that is fun for the entire family. Offering destinations including Bali, Thailand, and Hawaii to name a few as the backdrop for outdoor exploration, we highly recommend this exciting option.

  • Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa, Canada

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      Embrace a mindful approach to fitness at this outdoorsy adventure retreat that also offers a healthy dose of r&r. With a sauna, hot tub, steam room, massages- and fitness activities available, Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat is a Canadian getaway tucked in between Provincial Parks. In case you are looking to cozy up and get in touch with your inner and outer health- there is no better spot.