Family Vacation Ideas For Thanksgiving Weekend

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From exciting sun in the fun to winter flurries and holiday markets- we all have our own definition of family time spent well. These destinations are easily some of our favorite spots to enjoy early winter, with Black Friday shopping deals, stunning natural scenery, and of course- American comfort food. Take a look at our quirky list of amazing destinations across the country for your holiday memories.

Orlando, Lake Powell, Cape Cod, Boston, New York, Williamsburg, Chicago

  • Orlando, United States

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      If you are looking for some excitement, look no further than sunny and warm Florida for your early winter travels and family memories. Orlando is perfect for traveling with kids- Universal, Disney World, Seaworld, and more, Orlando is brimming with endless fun for the entire gang. Even if you are seeking a more elegant getaway, Orlando is a sparkling metropolis that is an amazing spot for travelers of all ages.

  • Lake Powell, United States

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      This artificial reservoir is easily one of the most stunning destinations to visit in the US and a prime spot for enjoying the comfort of Thanksgiving- with impeccable scenery. Circular rock formations, boat tours and plenty of exciting tourist opportunities- this destination is perfect for travelers seeking a temperate climate and a little adventure.

  • Cape Cod, United States

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      Fresh produce and fresh air, this luxurious getaway is a must for anyone seeking a thanksgiving full of natural beauty, and delicious food (what more could you want?). Tranquil winter days surrounded by untouched nature and sandy shores, it’s no wonder Cape Cod is becoming a dream travel spot year-round.

  • Boston, United States

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      Boston is waiting- with fresh air, historical buildings, a cozy atmosphere, and a sparkling skyline. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US, marking importance in American history that you will not forget while exploring the charming bean town.

  • New York, United States

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      Where else than New York can you choose between a cozy comfort food Thanksgiving and a five-star menu of specialties? NYC has it all, from bustling shopping streets primed for Black Friday to off the beaten path museums to uncover fascinating new tidbits of culture, art, and history.

  • Williamsburg, United States

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      This historic neighborhood will allow you to experience an authentic look at Thanksgiving. Enjoy the stunning old American architecture, friendly atmosphere, and passionate city dwellers who dedicate their time to reenacting historical events and scenery throughout the town.

  • Chicago, United States

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      Nothing quite like waking up on Black Friday to light snow, a cup of hot coffee, plenty of stunning holiday markets decorated to dazzle, and family. Chicago is one of the most humble tourist spots in the US, with a unique energy all its own, far from the bustling streets of New York or the sparkle of LA. Chicago gleams come early winter, a bit chilly but brimming with festivity.