Fall Vacation Spots For Wine Lovers

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As fall drifts through the trees and transforms emerald into gold, these destinations continuously serve up delectable wine against picturesque autumnal backdrops. Enjoy temperate climates with gorgeous scenery, mouthwatering wine, and delicious cuisine at these idyllic getaways. Whether you dream of stepping into a European fairytale or sprawls of untouched land in the Pacific Northwest, these locations are steeped in charm and ready to provide some tasty drinks for the coziest time of year.

Willamette Valley, Hallstatt, Napa Valley, Médoc, Porto, Finger Lakes, Tuscany

  • Willamette Valley, United States

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      Soft fall shades drifting across vast landscapes of picturesque nature, this Oregon spot is an idyllic seasonal getaway complete with delicious wine and gorgeous foliage. Willamette Valley is a region known for hosting some of America’s finest vineyards. Drenched in breathtaking scenery, this destination is an easy choice for tasty drinks and outdoorsy fall fun.

  • Hallstatt, Austria

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      A golden destination that appears like magic, Hallstatt is a UNESCO world heritage site that also happens to be one of the most fairytale fall getaways in Europe. Enjoy some of the tastiest wine in western Europe, while also indulging in some of the finest cuisine available. From freshly caught seafood to authentic Austrian comfort food, Hallstatt is any foodie or wine lover’s dream come true dripped in warm hues and breathtaking scenery.

  • Napa Valley, United States

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      As harvest season ends and gold sweeps over the sprawling vineyard landscape, Napa Valley settles into fall. Enjoy delectable wine from the summer in abundance, crisp temperatures, and endless views of rich red and ornate yellow. With fewer visitors overall, fall is an overlooked time to visit this iconic wine destination, but lesser crowds combined with breathtaking scenery make it a must for any wine connoisseurs looking for an elegant getaway.

  • Médoc, France

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      Medoc is tucked away in the Bordeaux region of France, glorious displays of fall foliage and a crisp climate are what make this getaway ideal for the fall time. Explore the delectable, old wine that has been developed over centuries at this dreamy French destination. Sprawls of picturesque vineyards, petite villages, and old European architecture combined, Medoc is a fairytale come to life- with a couple of bottles of wine included.

  • Porto in Porto, Portugal

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      With a temperate climate year-round, Porto makes for a cozy fall getaway soaked in sunshine and endless views. This Portugal destination is known famously for Porto wine, one of Europe’s most delectable beverages. Enjoy hidden cellars, water-side wineries, and plentiful taste testing throughout the charming city.

  • Finger Lakes in New York, United States

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      With some fluctuation, it can be expected that fall foliage peaks at the Finger Lakes during the month of October. Expect a magnificent display of blushing trees in vibrant hues of red and orange, along with picturesque fall scenery in all directions. The Finger Lakes is known as one of the best winery destinations in the United States, with a temperate climate and gorgeous natural landscape.

  • Tuscany, Italy

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      Coolish temperatures and a few rainy days aside, Tuscany remains a glowing, warm, and inviting destination throughout the fall season. Fall foliage elevates the romantic energy of this gorgeous Italian region, known for being a central hub of art, culture, and fantastic wine. Tour Florence, glimmering in autumn vibes and the finest museums, and the vast vineyard landscapes that make up this top destination. Peak travel is during the summer, so feel at ease knowing there won't be hour-long waits to view renaissance frescoes and to sample fresh gelato.