Epic Destinations For Surfing Around The World

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We finally decided to put together a little list for the surfers out there- and this one is seriously epic. Whether you just got your first board or have been riding the waves for a while, these destinations offer up diverse waves for all levels and an incredibly friendly surf community. Whether it's along the coast of Ireland or Indonesia- this world has no shortage of prime surfing destinations. So grab your board and let's check out the waves- Summer is just around the corner after all.

Taghazout, Bundoran, Playa Grande, Jeffreys Bay, Bukit Peninsula, O‘ahu, Gold Coast, Malibu

  • Taghazout in Taghazout, Morocco

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      With plenty of beaches and reefs suited to all surfing levels, Morocco's Taghazat Beach's sandy shores are some of the best on the planet for surfing. This bustling destination attracts surfers from across the globe, from aficionados to those who just picked up their first board- and encompasses plenty of incredible beaches to explore.

  • Bundoran in Ireland, Ireland

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      Excellent variety in terms of waves, gorgeous natural scenery, and diverse temperatures make Bundoran in Ireland one of the world's most iconic surf spots. Whether you're feeling brave to face chilling temperatures or hit the rocky coast during the sunny summer weather, Bundoran is an experience unlike no other.

  • Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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      An excellent option for high-level surfers, Playa Grande is a gorgeous Costa Rican paradise that encompasses sandy shores and crystal clear waters. Stunning wave heights, sunny weather, and challenging waters make this spot an iconic surfing location that attracts the best of the best. Even if you are new to the surfing world, Playa Grande has plenty of incredible surfing schools to build up your skills.

  • Jeffreys Bay in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

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      Head to Supertubes in Jeffrey's Bay for a neverending swell of incredible waves, stunning views, and laidback vibes. Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa is a world-renown surfing spot due to its incredible supply of top-class waves, friendly surf community, and adventurous atmosphere.

  • Bukit Peninsula, Indonesia

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      Indonesia is home to some of the world's most epic surfing, and the Bukit Peninsula has to have some of the best of the best surfing spots in the country. Gorgeous sunshine, stunning nature, and dynamic surfing conditions offer up diverse waves for every level of surfer. With gorgeous beaches from Green Bowl to Dreamland Beach, travelers to the Bukit Peninsula will have their choice of amazing surf locations.

  • O‘ahu, United States

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      The beaches of O'ahu are famed for surfing for a reason, the gorgeous coastlines feature balmy weather, sunny days, and excellent conditions for consistent waves. Whether you head to the secluded beaches of the North Shore, or the hectic party beaches of the South Shore- O'ahu is an experience.

  • Gold Coast in Gold Coast, Australia

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      South Stradbroke Island, Currumbin Alley, Burleigh Point, and more- Australias Gold Coast has no shortage of iconic surfing spots. With year-round idyllic temperatures, consistent waves, and over 50km of pristine coastline- the Gold Coast is known as a surfer's paradise for a reason.

  • Malibu, United States

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      Known for the best waves in all of Cali, Malibu's shimmering turquoise coastline offers up dynamic surfing opportunities and gorgeous weather. With a long history of surf culture influencing the area, Malibu is also the first-ever World Surfing Reserve, an organization that works to preserve natural wave breaks and protect marine life.